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Giggs was simply abysmal last night. SO so poor. Id like to see his pass attmepts/success rate, mustv been pretty low. Time for him to take a back seat and b...
4 years ago
City, cracking under the pressure already, not even in the home stretch yet haha They still have to play away to Arsenal, Norwich, Newcastle, Wolves etc. Im v...
As a United fan, why does it matter how England fare in the Uefa coefficients. 3 or 4 teams in the CL, we will always finish top 2 in England, certainly in the...
I pray to god this Gaitain to United rumour is jsut a rumour....he looks very very average Considering we already have Nani, Valencia, Young on the wings, we s...
I can only pray for Apoel's sake that they get copletely and utterly humiliated in the return leg. I mean, if they manaaged just 23% possession and zero shots ...
Dude Carrick has been amazing this season. Literally stepped his game up 10 fold. Stats: Carrick's average pas completion rate this season is 90% plus. Carr...
Problem with Arsenal i their inconsistency. Im hoping Arsenal at the Emirates can bat City but you neevr know with Arsenal. They may well thrash them but at t...
Tbf, he only made 2 svaes because we were so poor today. It was clearly a 'smash and grab' scenario not that Im complaining mind you 2nd and 3rd goal no keepe...
Most detestable human being, I ahve evr seen grace a football pitch Racist, dives, complains, cheats (handball in WC), bites etc. etc. The sad part is, he is ...
Liverpool's midfield a few eyars back. Mascherano, Alonso, Gerrard, Kuyt Liverpool's midfield in this game Spearing, Adam, Henderson, Downing Jesus, I ...
Smash. And. Grab!! Will be intersting to see what happens to Van persie this summer. If he decides to leave, Im sure every club will be after him. I can on...
On current form, that may well be the set up but leaving someone as good as Nani on the bench seems like such a waste. On his day, the guy is unplayable. 20+ a...
Looking at the remaining fixtures for CIty and United and I have to say, City's are ALOT harder Difficult away games at Stoke, Swansea, Norwich, ARSENAL, Newca...
If you guys can beat or at least hold City when they visit the Emirates in the coming weeks, we will be forever grateful!!
Hmmm true that, but I cant see him starting like that when we have a perfectly good attacking full back in Rafael Rafael has been flawless this season yet for ...
Almsot a carbon copy of the one he scored against you guys in the 8-2 drubbing. Shame he doesnt do it anywhere near often enough. Hes scord 4 league goals, 2 ...
De gea wa voted playr of the month for United for February and rightly so. Shame he didnt get the clean sheet here as he put in a great performance again.
A.Valencia - most on form player this season along with Rooney and Carrick Nani - top assistor in league last season, Ballon Dor nominee last season A.Young -...
Where was Ronaldo is the El Clasicos where Barca dominniated and won like 6-0? COme on, give em a break, hes not fckin superman and god rolled in one. What abo...
5 years ago
Unless Barca win the CL this season, Messi wont win Ballon D'Or. La Liga is already Madrid's so fi barca finish empty handed (or even with just the Copa Del Ra...
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