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Hey fellow reds how is everyone doing? I recently learned what a podcast was lol and I was wondering who you guys listen to? Im late to the party i know hahaha ...
2 years ago
Bigsxc updated his profile
Whos reporting that?
I equate Arsenal and their fans to a mistress/sub relationship, think about it! Arsenal is promising satisfaction, great joy and triumph every year across mul...
3 years ago
Thanks for that man!
Hey gys anyone know where I can watch Gary Nevilles analysis each week? We dont get that sort thing down here!
No one asked you to come to the united page and comment @allNONunitedfans. Let me be clear I have zero input for the actual argument.
Haha I am, but believe it or not the nickname came before i knew of him!
Awesome! Thank you Zilch keep up the good work
I have nothing to do with the actual discussion but it seems the footytube moderators are playing favourites a little... "listen,if you're 20+years old and kn...
Sorry umairrockx but im not buying it maybe u should just not comment here again, seeing as you're an emotional person and all!
4 years ago
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Italy Vs. Japan
Not a single bloody channel in Aus is showing the legends game where can i dl it
Hey guys i know its been posted here before but i got into an argument about spending and i was wondering if anyone could point me towards the stats for premier...
Lol just a bit bigger than 3 i like my shirts baggy
5 years ago
Hi, i saw your message on the United forum. i looked around, but i cant find any United shirts that are bigger than 3XL. even Nike and United Megastore doesnt ...
Hey all this is a strange request but im looking to buy a united jersey problem is though i need it to be larger than 3XL i have the same problem every season a...
Other way around we could manage without rooney arsenal would be in massive trouble if persie was injured, this season anyway
Somewhere on FootyTube
@Bastard, biting, eye gouging, gyans missed penalty celebration, use of racist words towards another player and the kick on parker all in all i think Suarez des...
I dunno ive come across a few people in certain forums on this site who seem incapable of having a logical and intelligent conversation. The way i see it Fergus...
2 cool votes for you mate! hope we win in the Liverpool game:D see you around the site:D
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