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Arsenal, Barcelona, England, playin pro evo 09 :D && watchin footy WHOOP WHOOP :P Also love chillin with my girl Shell she's the best :D
The off season unless thers a tourny on :D
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Nice team selection!!!!!!!!!!!
8 years ago
Hi, sorry u wrote on my page and i didn't check it til is things?'s going alright. I just realized you wrote on my page. I guess I don't pay much attention to the front of my webpage that lists everything I do on this...
Good Game
Portugal wher poor, hate watchin ronaldo he jus moans 4 90 mins, He's a gd player but he needs 2 cut it out if he's gonna cry do it at home
Quality performance from spain
A trophy would make me really happy! But I noticed that excpet for barca, title winning teams need a lot of luck and this is something arsenal do not have.
I'd kill for a Nobel Peace prize. x
What happens if you get scared half to death twice? x
Why do bankruptcy lawyers expect to be paid? x
Seen it all. Done it all. Can't remember most of it. x
Ham and Eggs: A day's work for a chicken; A lifetime commitment for a pig x
All true wisdom is found on T-shirts x
Hard work never killed anyone, but why chance it? x
A thing not worth doing isn't worth doing well. x
You have the capacity to learn from your mistakes. You will learn a lot today x
If at first you don't succeed, redefine success. x
Schizophrenia beats being alone x
Police Station toilet stolen....Cops have nothing to go on. x
Ur the bestest everrr :) xoxoxoxoxo
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