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4 years ago
I think Ivanovich deserves a mention here. He showed great restraint to knock Suarez's ass out (you all know he can). I mean all he did was push him away. Any o...
5 years ago
Frankie was good but he missed more than Ba. He probably could have scored a hat trick that day. Hazard was the man in form sublime just doesnt cut it. Oscar wa...
Oscar was quiet this game. Hazard and Mata were really making them pay. Terry's goal looked so rehearsed that I felt the assist could have gone to Rafa ;) Torre...
Nani's play acting was what cost him. Maybe not a red its one of those things which could go either way. Fergie has no one to blame.
I was surprised with Oscars misses, they were a little too sloppy. All in all, I think the game was well played but could have been a little more clinical.
Torres didn't convert that's all. He was always right place at the right time. He defintely isnt a s**t striker but Chelsea is not going to give him too many ch...
Dive i just saw the highlights but if you'retalking about schezny on ramires then it definitely wasnt a dive perhaps inviting a tackle but definitely not a dive...
Hazard was worth the money...
Ronaldinho passes he doesnt other than that hes fantastic
Foreigners work harder cause they dont wanna get deported
6 years ago
Dude come on...Chelsea and for that matter every team in the world knew how dangerous Barca is. With ten men and no real CBs what did you expect them to do? Cow...
Chelsea have to focus on just scoring one goal in the next leg cause then Barca would have to score 3 to win which in my opinion Chelsea won't allow even if the...
Wigan deserved to draw if not win. Chelsea were really lucky this time..Perhaps the deciding match by which Chelsea sneak in 4th place? Torres I feel is getting...
The Germans look deadly now but in the next match Muller wont be allowed to play how much will that affect the team. Will Trachowski be able to deliver then? An...
7 years ago
Man of the match Netherlands Goalkeeper
I loved the way they scored that third goal- as the commentator said that goal was very calmy, cooly done. There was no rush from any of the players. Schweinste...
Too bad for Ballack for him not to play the cup but I feel that it was good for Germany. Muller is doing a fab job of holding the midfield with Schweinsteiger. ...
8 years ago
Whoever have beaten CHelsea in CHampions league have always won it in the end..Means something heavy doesn't it..Let's see if Inter can do it..Congrats Barca..i...
Chelsea were just good in this game. Liverpool looked dejected after the first goal who wouldn't after your captain does that to your team. But Chelsea can't be...
Amazing game!! They checked Messi well hope Inter win!!
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