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Ref is a piece of s**t
3 days ago
LVBG subs are like his effing one understands..
F*****g idiots..great philosophy score 1 and then sit back inviting all the pressure..this is what happens..we invited this on us...deserved
So many corners..hope we can use one and score!
Carrick and Fellaini again in the middle! let's see what happens this week!
Who cares... Damage already done...With any luck Vardy could've had a hatrick
4 days ago
Since Liverpool last won the EPL, P Schmeichel signed for Man Utd, won it 5 times, retired, had a son, & he's about to win it with Leicester.
LVG at it again..telling the title challenge is on...we just won 1 game and he goes mental....Every single time he told this we have went on to have a poor run
5 days ago
Fellaini and Carrick in the middle.....Hahaha gonna be fun to much pace
1 week ago
Shrewsbury Town away! I'll take that
Actually Fellaini also had a pretty good game
It was coming..we were attacking continue the same and score a couple more ...
Mata has been extremely poor so far.
That's fellaini starting like the 4th straight game in midfield...good god...and I thought FA cups against lower league is where we give some chance to our yout...
I don't think you need to win something to be a UTD supporter lol and every time he says something on winning the title we go ona terrible run...Yes top 3 i'd b...
The point is his guts to say that after such a string of dire performances and just cos we got lucky and beat pool...
Who is in for another boring & mind numbing affair today against the Majestic Derby who are going to harass and outplay us, while we play 2 DMs and bunch of win...
THis moron LVG came out and told he was pleased that we executed what we practiced agaist Pool..If that's what we practice he can go f**k off...such a idiotic s...
2 weeks ago
Why the efff do we giving the ball back to Soton..Hold on to the ball..worst thing is we lose possession on easy 5 yard passes..idc if we loose them in trying t...
Agreed, but i'm pretty sure LVG didn'y tell Darmian to lose every tackle and give away free kicks...
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1 month ago
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