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We got Hull! Not bad...
3 days ago
Lol what a start!?
1 month ago
While we struggle to beat Burnley and Stoke city are Beating Barcelona hands down.....
Nothing else is ruining us...except our team selection
West Ham @ Home round..
Yes I hope he gets back to what he was before that injury...
Shaw has been toasted a few times by effing Navas..not the same player before the injury..
Why does Zlatan takes the freekicks?? he has been horrible at those with us...Mata is much better..
Eric Bailly out for 2 months ...smh..I blame this one on the Manager..he looked exhausted even @ the Europa why do we have to play him in EL game?? M...
I didn't say he is the answer but he was blamed for all of our negatives. All I wanted to point out was that we have effed up in other areas. May it be our mana...
I blame it all on Rooney! It's his fault...see how well England and United performed after he was dropped? We were always looking for a scapegoat and he fitted ...
I Like our lineup! Pretty excited for this game
What the f**k? BBC reporting that Fellaini and Young starting and Mata not! Jose is tryinh troll us..He better pull this thro after that awful team selection ag...
F*****g ref is just giving fouls for Stoke and nothing for us...Zlatan is getting frustrated we are losing the ball left and right...Lingard..IDK what he does
2 months ago
Lol @ Wilshere..Gave the ball away then gave the free kick away for KDB to score. Bournemouth will be much better off w/o him..
After that pathetic first hald we didn't deserve s**t...Mou got his team selection f****d up!
Effing ref might as well wear a blue Jersey and start playing for shitty..what a piece of s**t
Exactly..effing moron
Could've easily equalized...Rooney is playing well..Just take off Micky and Lingard both been horrible....Rash and Mata pls
Yes yes and Yes now get in there.....Hart must be laughing his ass off
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3 years ago
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