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True mate! Want a back up plan as well to get into Cl... lol
1 day ago
Urgggh I was hoping they scrape in..Now all these teams only have the league to worry about. (Pool - Just League: Chelsea/Spurs/Arsenal - League and FA Cup) See...
Ranieri Sacked! I think he should have been given the chance till end of the season or at least till return Leg of the CL..
Tree in the middle.. lol Poor Bastian, thought he would get a start today. Mou really likes the Tree for some reason...
2 days ago
Pep and his stupid obsession with playing from the back cos city a goal..why doesn't he understand that he doesn't have the keeper or defenders to play that sty...
3 days ago
Lol not scared. But during this busy schedule we could've used a home draw or an easier opponent. But yes it will be good test for us to see how far we have com...
5 days ago
He is shitty player with a shitty attitude. Such a brat
Chelsea away... gosh
Young has been pretty good imo and so tells most of the commentators. So stop whinin about everything. If we are paying 100k a week to young he has to ply some ...
I don't know why you're whining about Young. He is been pretty good defensively and offensively. Plus if you're talking abt age we shouldn't be playing Ibra eit...
Why do we play Lingard ? Only thing he does is pass the ball to the opponent.
Finally Shaw gets into the bench. Lol. Hopefully he gets some minutes today and gets to start in Wednesday. I want to See Shaw and Martial run riot of the left....
This Fox Sports commentary and their so called expert on refereeing are the biggest joke lol ...that mofo is straight hater of us lol
1 week ago
Calm down mate.. We are not even losing..we will be at this rate tho but why make these games too easy? let's make it interesting..Like why should we play Basti...
Such a messy half. No fluent passing at all and the other team had too many chances.. they might take one for a change.
Our Defence has been pretty bad... So much space and Only Smalling is playing well in there.
No No that's my only relaxation after a busy day at work, Arsenal Fan Tv and Chill! Would be gold today...
Ozil disappeared again! Feel sorry for Sanchez, only guy giving a damn. Have no idea why AW wouldn't play Welbeck, dude was pretty good every time he played rec...
Barca still had more possession, that counts for something right?
You mean our Ex- Right Wingback? Was awesome on his B'day!
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9 months ago
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