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4 days ago
Yes Mikhi is having an off day. I'd sub him out for Lingaard at HT.
1 month ago
Smalling Mata and Fellaini starting..I'm more worried abt Smalling than anyone else
What a cracking game. The most entertaining game of the year. So many goals and chances and top defending and s**t keeping by Romero.
Don't worry mate! We got the best CB p'ship in the world of Jones and Smalling.. I mean who else can injure each other?
Agreed, another reason why SAF was a genius. He wanted Rooney out.
Lol Carrick was decent and did a good job till recently. But I think now he is also done.
Carrick is done. He has been misplacing simple passes. Need to find s replacement soon. And then there is Rooney, well I don't know what he does anymore . Maybe...
We are absolutely pathetic
HOly cow how did that Ex Manc clown miss that? we are so lucky
Yes let's put more defenders cos it always worked well for us
There we go - Yes let's sit behind and defend some more. We effing don't learn.
Never Doubt him!
I never doubted him! See my below post :P
Because he is crap! Has been that way for a damn while. I'd take a non rested Carrick or for that matter Rooney in midfiled over this circus clown. Just cos he ...
Only after we score 2. I don;t mind him playing in the PL anymore as we have given up top 4.
But it's not like he has been solid defensively. It's one thing to be tall and useless and another thing to be good defensively. He is probe to a brain fart at ...
Same side that started the first Leg. So Fellaini playing in midfield, Yay! Can't wait for the entertaining game with a Fellaini masterclass in the middle.
Lingaard --lol he only scores @ Wembly
Maybe that's why he takes Free Kicks?!
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1 year ago
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