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Lol Janujaz just scored!
5 hours ago
You can also blame all the world's problem on Rooney! Donald Trump Syrian Refuge crisis Global Warming
5 days ago
I thought he played pretty well...
Shaw and Valencia have been brilliant too! Rooney isn't looking too bad either..THis Baily guy is a bomb....All of em are doing well
Wow fantastic football! Holy hell we are linking up brilliantly..long may it continue
Pogba said all the right things in his interview with Henry! Can't wait to see him start today! If our offence gel quickly, it's gonna be some fun!!
Tomi- You can watch it on FB. It s a very good live stream. Man Utd and Rooney's FB pages streaming it
3 weeks ago
Didn't they expand the bench from 5 to 7 like 2 years ago??
It's live streamed on FB (First ever game!) Both on Wayne Rooney and Utd's pages
We won pretty much all our friendlies last 2 years in the preseason, and see where we finished in the league. Maybe for a change lets lose some pre season games...
1 month ago
It's official! Manchester United have Joined the Zlatan!
No way Jose! He loves Rooney
Rashford did more in the 5 mins he played than this moronic Sturridge and Kane did in the whole of 90. Woy is a absolute joke! Guy lives under a rock. Why on ea...
Haha Woy the magnificent tactician showing why he is paid the most in the world for managing an national team. Team scores and leads and he subs off the only ex...
2 months ago
Then what's the effinf fuss abt it now? like a day before the Euros..timing is mad weird
Wait, these DDG accusations are from 2012??or is this something which happened now? From reading BBC it seems like it's related to the 2012 U-21 tournament
If we can get a decent price, sell em! I don't think either fits Mou's system
So, the last 3 goals for England have all been scored by the United folks...all 3 of our guys scored
Have u seen him play this season? He is strong quick much better decision maker and scored a lot..But yes I agree should've given players in his position..Sterl...
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Wow Smalling captained the team today! Not a bad game for all 3 of our players
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