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Prejsu wrote in On Berhcios wall
I did not apply for the EURO voluntary program as I won't probably be able commit as much time as I would want to awesomely epic event;) Regarding your question...
6 years ago
Prejss are you back? Everybody missed you a great lot...
Totally can't get why I wrote 2010:)
Hello Prejsu! Do you possibly apply for the UEFA EURO 2010 voluntary?
Arsenal producing such thrillers, even against Swansea, so one just can't imagine what's gonna happen in any next match! Way to go, 3 points and a clean sheet i...
Gervinho really needs some time... Now this red will even postpone his aclimatisation...
Somewhere on FootyTube
What the hell is going on there? 25m? It's way too low price and Samir please don't go, stay for this one more year or sign a new deal, please. I know you're fe...
Can't agree more, sir
7 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
It appears that it's not any lack of goal-line technology or amount of referees or anything else destroying the game, but this total lack of respect to football...
Please somebody do something with these PL referees, if you can't see a handball in the area, wear glasses or sth, or just change your profession. I'm really fe...
, the probability of referee actually ignoring it would grow rapidly! Now imagine a game against Man Utd and a difference between a red card having been adminis...
Oh ye, well said but think about it again, Prejsu, don't you think managers have got their hands in it, too? I mean don't you think they don't tell their player...
Wow, that corner was like from a different planet! a cute one! and yes, i watch the match, surprise, surprise, sevilla acted, but on the other hand the ref adde...
What an adventure for fc lausanne
They're brilliant! can't wait to see the final!
Nice perf by a young polish lad, szczesny. imagine that he's 20 and it's like his debut between the posts, only once he was capped for the second half in polish...
Boruc was great! I think he's the best goalkeeper in the world!
Haha, good one Szpaku "Obraniak... decided on scoring a goal!" sounds soo funny:) Welcome home, Lewy
Don't worry Viola fans, Boruc will fix it in next matches, maybe keep concetration in defense, too, ok?
Had all of the clear situations been transformed, the score would have been embarrassing...
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