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Anger makes u say anything... Let the masters do their work and our job is to only appreciate unless any of them lose respect for the club.
1 year ago
See simple :D
^^ Only, with a couple of others, that understand the importance of a specific player. Understand the importance of the play.
2 years ago
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Chill bro,we just won the 11th UCL, dont i have the right to joke with him?? Just in case u cant see, i used (:ppp) for a reason, s no need...
U can take two if you only give us Ozil back :ppp
Benzmadrid just became a Fan of Real Madrid
Why no praises for Big FKN Benzooooo???!
You are right Hikmat, its a whole new Ronaldo when Benz is fit, its just their chemistry.
Yeah he must be feling fresh and ready for the challenge! COME ON BENZZZZ! XD
Usually i see people complaining about our attacking (BIG BENZ)being our problem, bt check this average rating, its all our defending that need attension. http...
3 years ago
Benzema is a multi talented striker. Bring it a striker that does everything on his own and see the break down of the team and that becaz of one man, CR. Tell...
Lol struggled with him and we struggled without him and yet Big MOFO Benz is to blame, Genius.
I wish we could get back Di Maria for bale
VonBonitoC lol sell Benzema?? u can see ronaldo without BIG BENZ. He had a good season
Why is i that CR has to take the free kicks all the time!!!!Its time to let someone else give it a try!
Was modric holding his hamstring in the end of the game?
It was a really good game but i dont get it, why was Benz pulled out so early even though he didnt play the last game for France?
Khedira is a player that does everything in his hands both for club and National team, really hard working player, PASSION!
Anyone else having a mix feling bout the Clasico :p. I just hope Ronaldo realize the importance of a victory and most importantly "3 points" and not the goals t...
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