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Except the score was only flattering to United,should have been more.
Not commenting is not lying,he should be saying these things to his manager not the press.It shows discontent which is not what you need when things aren't goin...
Hope Seedorf turns things around for Milan,he's one cool mofo.
Big win,if only they had a defence.Sooner or later its going to cost precious points.Sturridge is something else,a player on top of his game.
Not worth it.
Replace will with could and you have a point.The odds are heavily against them now,they need to improve and stop making daft signings.
Atletico did what Milan were famous for,soak up pressure and steal an away goal.You never know,Milan could come back.Sneek an early goal away and its game on.
We know plenty,won the bugger enough times.Still can see your just responding to a harsh comment.I really wanted the gunners to down Bayern but they just look t...
Has to be a red as its clearly a goalscoring chance,same with the city one which was an obvious sending off although outside the box.The Man u one last season w...
It denied a goalscoring chance so has to be a red although it seems harsh when its your team,Punished twice but them's the rules.
Good manager,he's done the right things and his comment on the poor defending shows he knows what he's talking about.Improve that area and they will be some tea...
2 months ago
Good result despite giving away two awful goals.The defence is seriously suspect but the attack is lethal.
Liked Milan for many years but they've been really poor recently.Balotelli gets headlines but mostly for off the pitch nonsense and as a player he is overrated,...
People like you confirm the stereotype of many united fans being glory hunting tossers.Sorry to the real united fans but I'm sure you hate people like this as m...
The saddest thing about the new computer games is Mario in a Milan shirt.What an overrated tosser.
Gerrard takes the pens,Suarez free kicks.Sturridge took it to go for the hattrick as only Gerrard has done this in a mersey derby before.It's about team spirit ...
Benpn gave the Liverpool v Everton video a rating of 2
Pity no improvements yet,they can score goals but the midfield and defence needs work.Would like a better shield in front of the back four and someone to take c...
Footballs unpredictable,shocks happen every week and every team has lost games they'd hope to win.Having better players doesn't mean your going to win as its ho...
Tough game,Liverpool never got going in the first half but credit to villa for playing really well.Don't like Cissoko at left back,he didn't defend well and cau...
3 months ago
Not a huge problem with only the league and F.A cup,they should play a strong side and try to win it.Look at city,rested players and have an extra game now.
4 months ago
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