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Good admosphere, icetea :D
Investors buying football clubs and destroying the soul of the game, mercenaries like Zlatan or Anelka
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Bayern Munich 2013/14:
On the way to immortality
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Yeah...and we have to pay 30 € a month to watch Bundesliga + have to pay for NBA, NHL and NFL. unfair...:(
3 years ago
I watched him in his time at Stuttgart for years, all international games and a lot of in Real Madrid games. Sorry but his passing skills are not good enough fo...
Yeah. Great performance. Played like Effenberg in his best days. It will be a great season.
We don't need Khedira because we have 70-80% ball posession in each Bundesliga game. What shall we do with a ball winning midfielder with mediocre passing skill...
He is NOT replacing Kroos. Different type of players. Xabi will give us stability in the defense and is able to organise and lead a team like in last years CL s...
We are just glad to avoid Khedira :D
And again the marketing wins a player vote for Ronaldo or Messi. Can't understand not to vote for Neuer. Ronaldo played a good season but sucked at the world cu...
I read Sammer wanted to buy Khedira but Pep stopped this because he thinks Khedira is technical not good enough for his system. So now Xabi. Unbelievable to see...
Can't understand this bashing for buying Spanish players. We now have 5 players from Spain. One of them is the 2nd keeper. So think about the alternative. Do yo...
So Xabi Alonso! :D
Okay now we have our CB. Badstuber (Dante) / Benatia (Javi) / Boateng looks very good. But we still need a very good right full back. Rafinha is injured and La...
The poo Ashley Young swallowed was also a Spanish bird flying over England. This action will rise TV money for English clubs. So ManU can buy Di Maria and Madri...
Benatia would be a big signing. On of the top 5 CBs of the world. I think we will sign a DM or Right Defender, too. Hope Cuadrado but I fear Khedira. :(
The sources are SportBild and Sport1. Not 100% perfect but SportBild are very well connected with Bayern interna.
I think Ashley Young got some very nice proteins in his mouth, too! XD
We also need somebody for the offense. Today we saw that Bernat and Shaq are not the answers of our questions when Ribery and Robben are injured. Let's take our...
Seems Javi is out for a long time. Now we have to go the transfer market. Dante, Boateng and Badstuber is not enough. All because of this f*** pseudo cup.
I don't think we are strugglin. This preseason we played against very tough competition. Gladbach, Wolfsburg, Guadalajaha and the MLS All Star Team. We also mis...
Welcome Pepe Reina! With Neuer, Reina and Starke now we surely have the best goalkeeper team in history of the game.
Says who? Nothing heard in German media about thins until now.
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