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I think despite the result, Manchester United played well because if you look at their starting line-up, almost every single player was a reserve!
8 years ago
What a thrilling game, however I believe that Richards should have been given credit for the goal rather than it going down as Aluminia's O.G. It goes to show t...
Iyt, cant belive man u beat arsenal :| and celtic couldnt, then again arsenal are cheats init
Way to go 3 Lions, even without driving force Steven Gerrard to hold and run the middle, and a few terrible passes at the back, England are still capable of com...
Reidscott's right... LA are playing great, have great chemistry, and think they're great. They're gonna be a formidable force come playoffs. And what a great st...
Hopefully Everton and Moyes can hold onto Lescott, otherwise Man City may become title contenders. Also, if Chelsea grab Ribery, they'll have a solid team and u...
Good episode... however I think David Silva should go to Man U rather than Liverpool, because United have a better chance and record of silverware, and with him...
Good post, but there are two things I would change. I'd have Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool. I'd put Liverpool out of a UCL spot because they lost...
Jose Antonio Valencia: You're a gem! Two great crosses and two splendid finishes. And once again, who said Rooney couldn't carry Ronaldo's weight and goals? Thi...
Nani is starting to show up, and hopefully since Ronaldo is gone, he'll be able to pick up where R7 left off, and carry the team to glory. As for Ben Foster in ...
What is Brendan Heron talking about! Jozy Altidore is a great player, and if you don't think so, watch the Confederations Cup! Darren has it right, he is a phys...
What a great goal. Hopefully Anderson will be able to perform like that in the season, and if he does we'll have something to look forward to. Also, if he keeps...
What a great second half! Also, I was happy for Onyewu and his debut, how exciting that must have been (although he messed up on the first goal)
I think that nobody understands that all Beckham wants to do is play World Cup soccer next year, as Fabio Capello directed him to. I believe he should leave the...
Man Utd will definitely win the EPL for the 4th year in a row, and what was Erikson thinking? England-Man City-Mexico... then Notts! I'm glad more billionaires ...
Ireland is a great player, I'm surprised he wasn't picked up by another club this summer. Where's Ade and Tevez? Can't wait to watch them all play together!
Chelsea are looking good this pre-season, and may turn out to be a force to be reckoned with. Also, wondering if Sturridge will start in the season?
Good post! I believe Owen was a masterful tactical decision by Fergie, and with 2 goals in his first 2 games, we can hope to see more more goals from him in the...
I wonder if Wenger believes Gignac can fill in for Adebayor? Will/Would Tottenham choose the French teen or Peter Crouch (or maybe both)??? Why would Barca make...
I don't believe Fergie should have ranted about Tevez being disloyal, however I do believe he did make a genius tactical stroke in buying Owen. 2 goals in his f...
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