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4 years ago
Ben13 wrote in In Japan v Mexico
Why can't English commentators say "ChiCHarito" properly? It's not hard.
Way to beat a nation of 31,000 people. At least San Marino wins the who-has-the-oldest-extant-republic contest.
5 years ago
Seeing this match live caused me physical pain. Seeing the highlights presented by a hot thai chic eases the pain somewhat.
Impressive goal.
San Marino did well given nearly all their players are amateurs.
RVP is having quite a season so far.
Winning by getting a guy sent off by simulating being headbutted- who would want to give you credit for that?
This win was good for Arsenal's confidence, but Blackburn put up almost no resistance. I'd like to see Arsenal stick it to Tottenham like this. :)
6 years ago
MOTD didn't show the same camera angles shown during the live game.. As much as I'd like to say rvp was fouled, the contact was minimal.
We're in serious trouble if/when RVP gets injured. Nobody else has shown killer instinct in recent games.
Oh look, it's evil parallel universe Gary Lineker!
It looks to me that Blackburn told the ref ahead of time they would do a trick corner.. But when they executed the trick, Yakubu did not actually tap the ball o...
Given United's wage bill is 50x that of their opposition, I'd say the result flattered United. Talk about grinding out an ugly result.
Mancini's grasp of English is improving by leaps and bounds. City must have signed quite an English teacher.
Chinese teams make MLS teams look good by comparison.
That pitch is an embarrassment.
Sawa was definitely the player of the match, what a goal. As a USA fan, I find our longball tactics revolting. Too much wasted possession and profligacy in fro...
I'm going to be there this weekend! Cool promo.
7 years ago
Squillaci kept us in the game with that excellent block, good to see him make his face useful. And what about Rosicky's header? I think the only thing that wou...
I know I should be impressed by Barca.. But watching Spanish football is about as interesting as watching Scottish football, albeit with much classier players.
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