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So proud of bayern making it this far again in two years, keep your heads high lads, keep knocking on the dooor and eventually it'll open.
6 years ago
Im not sure about rules aginst contact with golie, but didnt muller technically get the ball first before he hit into the golie? where he received the yellow ca...
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Money digging c**t
Almost let out a tear when i saw henry come on the field, reminds of the great memories of getting up early on Saturdays to watch arsenal back in the day.
This may be harsh, but i don't know why all sports are going so "NERF" in terms of the tackles, the players know what they are getting themselves into, they kno...
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21, thats it?
Something is fishy
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Even with a relatively easy group i cant say with confidence that England will make it out of this group.
I think they may make it but u can never count out Sweden., BTW the france vs england game will be really fun to watch
Just freaking hope that man city and real madrid management don't notice you.
Dzeko's headers remind me of miroslav Klose
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Bundesliga = the best league, case closed ; bring on the next argument
Words can't express the gratitude towards ronaldo, thank you for all the amazing moments and memories the soccer world will never forget.LEGEND
I agree 100%, too many amateur mistakes by the defence
7 years ago
WE need better defence, everything else is fine, defense collapsed in teh 2nd half
Good refreeing
Amazing attacks from arsenal i think now they are ready to beat man u, but lets give credit where its due that goalkeeper is amazing
Good attacking by man u but even worse defending by birmingham
Lol kindy homo celebration if you ask me , i mean its annoying enough to see all the girls doing it on facebook. but good goal, good to see kaka back
Hmm i wonder how football would change if the referees get to use instant replay on uncertain calls, like they do in most other sports.
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