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Real Madrid's display in this match is scary. If they play each match like this from now on...the CL is theirs to lose.
Sweden's defence is awful in this match...3 big mistakes and Ronaldo is like 'I'm gonna f**k you up, Ibra!'
Thought I was watching Bayern vs. Barca all over again lol. Brazil handed in their application for World Cup Winners next year!
I concur with you Jakob900...let these Iniesta/Xavi fans keep talking nonsense....evidence is all over the place for all to see and they are still with their as...
With all due respect to the other great Barca players but Real Madrid would have already won the title by now was it not for MESSI!!! On another note...we have ...
Hahahaha I tell you Pedro runs around the field like a chicken without a head...most of the time running in front of the ball :D
He was just like "f**k that it's hard to score on Neur"...hahahaha
Yet he scores...that bastard with his left foot...imma chop that one day :P
Hahahahahahaha good one, make Shakira pay for the loss hahahahahahahahahaha
He just wanted to score so badly that he went like "f**k this s**t, can't score in Bayern's goal Imma score in my own goal...I need my f**k'n goal"....hahahahah...
Thank you Macchonk I have been singing that song all the time...Messi is Barca, Barca is Messi...that's it!
BuddhaNpl really? Come on, Bayern beat us at our game point blank...they had so much energy, believe and hungry to be the best and over the two legs...I say the...
A massacre it was...I reiterate "NO MESSI, NO BARCA"
I have to say the way Real Madrid played in the last 15 minutes or 10 gave me some hope that it can be done...they almost pulled it off...they really fought lik...
WOW...didn't know that we really need Messi that badly even when he's not 100% fit...will the Iniestas and Xavis please stand up?
The Germans are badasses...boy that is some ass whooping...two in a row...SMH!
WOW...we got smoked so badly...I congrat Bayern for showing character and hunger to shine and tear us into rags mercilessly and it wasn't luck but a pure footba...
I know but still any top team will buy him including Chelski
Hahaha you are a cannibal but one with something to show for :D
Hahahaha good one!
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