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Bbk77 wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Yeye and gerrard dived for liverpools "glorious" champions league win against milan..and no1 seemed to give a s**t! only when its a united player everyone start...
3 years ago
Arsenal fans talking s**t..if i was an arsenal fan i wouldn't say s**t!! win a trophy then talk.
HAHAHAHA says the f*****g chelsea fan?!?! DROGBA!! the king of diving.
Yeah but liverpool is crap.
4 years ago
True Benji and united's youth team WON the league cup...WTF DID arsenal win since 2005? LOL
Lool true true!
HAHAHAAH united spent 17m! on valencia! LIVERPOOL BOUGHT johnson 17.5million and aquilani! 17mil...when united sign players they knew they are going to be stars...
Hey man hows it going? didnt know you were on footytube. tottenham is going to be a class game, hope berba scores a few.
HAHAHA this is a joke i cant believe every1 thinks its a penalty
HAHAHA jmnas WTF are u saying..DID u f*****g see eduardos dive! omg u guys shouldnt even talk! ur nothing arsenal are NOTHING! 4th place every season. and btw i...
LOL arsenal fans always complaining when will u guys stfu and admit u suck..they havent won anything since 2005 and wont win anything lol maybe the carling cup ...
How many trophies did liverpool win with Dirk kuyt or Torres liverpools best player Lol.
Maicon Best Sideback imo. italian league what a joke lol inter just won the title by beating milan.
Damn Manutd should get diego 0.o amazing
Hey! its yahya lol :p salehs cuzin we met in london ;p
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