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Lol ba be like f**k that s**t i sint playin in this weather
Damn just beasted basel ......ribery ....he killed it
6 years ago
I like even the commentator was like yeahhhhhh awwwwww when it hit the post
Ahaha surez kid got such a fright when suarez celebrated the frist goal ...she woke up like aw what tha fajashdkasdj i lloled pretty hard .....played well l'po...
Thats the thing with us ...we tend to press full on till we score and then we think its f*****g golden boot and chill ......adam been havin some really bad game...
Its simple man city didnt play hart ....nuff city is solid but once hart doesnt play they have nothing .....
Somewhere on FootyTube
Sky News report Fernando Torres of Chelsea FC was caught throwing 12 car petrol bombs at a government building. He failed to hit the target.
I aint goona lie .....that was madddddddd funny that last error
7 years ago
Cost of Torres leaving=50 million, the effect of Torres saying he was at a better club=hurtful , the look on Torres's face when he was subbed and then Liverpool...
I do believe whenever suarez scores, that song suavemente (but rename it suarezmente) should come on and everyone should start goin ape s**t
Finally torres gets his game together thought he was losin it for a bit ..but then he found it so is all good
8 years ago
No balls no glory .....time to eat s**t NZ
Damnnnn oh well US went gangsta on them spaniards asses
Yeahhhhhh top gear new season comin out boys and girls and we gonna know who the stig is ...oh yeah
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