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5 years ago
Napoli comeback,benfica solid win, barcelona win at home draw away, bayern munich at munich without wonderman ramires,solid ivanovich,usefull merieles,and world...
6 years ago
John motson would never get a word wrong in the commentary
Benayoun looking good for 42 lol hahhahhah GLIIIIIIIIITCH!!
Possibly the greatest season of the past ten years
Omg i cant belive mr willaims the silver smith turned up thank you so much for these highlights and a special thank you yo mr williams you r a amazing silversmi...
Mikel sounds like that annoing maan on the ladbrokes advert
The whole team played well, it wernt just about torres but about a team who is using there skills together. but fernando is defiantly showing the world that he ...
Fabregas u diving little s**t
Full highlights guys!
Ramires is a top player nar dayz he keeps getting better and better. Well done chelsea found that barcelona arent to keen on long shots so they just kept them o...
Lol i am seeing a lot of hatred on chelseas behalf but if your playing the best team in the world and you won 1-0 there is nothing lucky about not conceeding ag...
Kevin de bryne welcome to the prem!!
Lol just reading some comments are making me chuckle. chelsea were lucky? hahahah. ye ok one goal shouldnt of counted but errrrrrrrrr r people forgetting about ...
Bring back frank lebouf
Well done chelsea played well, had a bit of a hiccup but nice to c you recover. but i still think mata would do better as a C.A.M with two strikers. and if kalo...
Benfica are defiantly not a team to be underestimated, not bad from chelsea though. if ramires keeps up his performances he could be really dangerous in the fut...
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