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4 years ago
Pirlo looks like chuck Noris...??
Hahah actually it is the gunman who gets sent off, but his friend mr. wormer just crack me up. doesn't know his friend got red card
5 years ago
Somehow i see David Siliva in Suso. I'd very much think they are brothers if i didn't knew anything about football. Me like it...
Commentator: "Mario Belletoli..they're no missing you Mario, not tonight." that is not cool man
6 years ago
For the first time AC celebrated like a real man.. i hated when he took out his wings like a vulture
Somewhere on FootyTube
Where is the highlights in this bitch?? liverpool is gonna f**k Everton, or Sunderland whoever wins, and will f**k chelsea in the finals in the FAcup... ynwa.....
I wanna know why we can't do thumb down comments on this site.
That kid at 9:20 is hella he walks off limping... "just walk it off" an absolute power shot by Nasri...
Who thumbed down for Wolves. there aint no highlight???
Great results! against top manchesters... now can we please get 3 points from Wolves!! surprise me... lol.. only real fans will get feel my pain....
Don't we all love when we play against top teams!! We don't get a bad results... i can see us do fine against Manuer in the next game, but then ironically a DRA...
Good to see "US" finally in a cup final... i don't care how big or small it is... its gonna make us only wanna hunt for more... + i hate lescots hiar @ 14:50 ...
Always acting tough against top teams like city cheski and united... and the very next game we get beaten or drawn by a f*****g lower team. can someone please e...
Ce$ki just got nutmugged, now let's see what manchester $hitty can do?
Im getting annoyed by us hitting the woodwork so many times, but then it adds a character to the game. my like it.
The goal was so good... they had to release it in TWO diffrent languaes. All tho i thought the Aran commentator was funny... "allah ya suare... allah allah all...
This is the 5th time i got off couch just to see it again. Unbelieveable!!! sipmly awesome...
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