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Such an ignorant comment. No keeper in the word could have caught that shot. Neither keeper made any mistakes during this QF. Serie A is on the rise again and ...
Lmao there is no point arguing, Raty is just ignorant and mad
Lmao, I never asked you to praise their tactics - I just said that its the only viable way for teams to beat Barcelona. Football quality is how many goals you c...
Http:// ^Once again, you are wrong. I've ~~already said~~ everyone has ~...
It's a whole ideology of victimization by Barca players when they lose - Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, etc have all accused teams of ugly/anti-football. Yeah, I cle...
Yeah it does. I really dislike Barcelona saying how they play beautiful football and complain that their opponents play ugly (or anti-football). In my eyes, all...
It is football quality that they beat you with. In terms of technical quality, no team can match Barcelona in that regard and its suicide trying to play them a...
Lmao frenchy mad... Celtic put on an amazing defensive performance with clinical finishing using a team costing a fraction of their opposition's. Honestly, this...
6 years ago
A formation of 4-5-1 is the definition of parking the bus? lel... barca play 4-5-1... parking the bus is 10-0-0. Those shots all missed due to the pressure fro...
@Vmaestro With fans like you guys, I wonder how Mourinho copes. @Franky4fingers I'm not surprised, 90% of the time Barcelona are playing some poor struggling t...
@SomeVAguy lel. these two saves are much more difficult, Valdes had much more time to run across and the striker wa...
It would be arrogant to not tweak your own tactics to deal with the opposition. If you start playing possession and committing men forward, why would the other ...
You have to love terry's heart though. chelsea are just running on spirit, and luck.
Sweet barca tears... Shooting practice friday morning? Sanchez's chip was very unlucky but Pedro's shot was covered by Cole if it had not been woodwork bound. ...
KeviUnited, you do understand motion and zoom have no effect on an object's relative position in photographs but rather image quality? I'm not quite sure how yo...
^still mad about getting thrown out of CL by Milan. I know you actually think its a penalty but, to someone whos watched football for more than a couple years, ...
Referee made the correct decision by awarding the goal ( Typical Bale acting like a monkey. If he didn't play the advantage, Ce...
Another poor referee call on that penalty (dive?). If he gave that a penalty, he definitely should have also given a penalty for the tackle on Iniesta. I hope ...
Kagawa doesn't want to return and was trying to be a hero for more attention
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