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^ Thats how they show their respect to each other :p
Never thought of Pedro, but even if we wanted to get him, would it be possible to do business with Barcelona if their transfer ban comes into play ?
2 days ago
And an Overall of a generous 46
6 days ago
Well, considering the opposition we've faced, not worth reading too much into that stat.
1 week ago
Its a mixture of footage from nike commercials. Most of it from the world cup 2010 one, which was a curse to all the players involved in that advert.
Brilliant, talksport at its best.
Woah, things are getting a little hostile here. You've seen how awful we've played all season, yet you expect us to play attacking football against the suppos...
Haha, trust you to post that article.
You can say the ball was being hoofed due to us not having a speedy midfielder who can pick out a pass, but yeah overall it was hit and hope when we had the bal...
Haha, nice one sif.
Yep, agreed. Atletico deserved to win tonight.
Agreed about Evra, he seems to have declined heavily in terms of defending, but the goal makes for a nice parting gift at the end of this season.
I can appreciate Rooney playing through the pain, but its proved to be a liability this game. Who knows what a fully fit Hernandez might have done compared to a...
With the lack of speed, we're just hoofing it down the field hoping for a mistake, gotta shake things up a little next half.
Defensively, yeah they've been great.
He did return from a supposed injury with an injection, so there is that.
Either how strong Bayern is, or how far we've fallen this season :P
Well Achilles got f****d over in the end :c
Has a reporter asked Moyes why he picks Young as often as he does ? Its getting silly now.
You make do with what you've got, especially considering this season and the overall mood of the club.
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