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2.5 million is the reported fee, what the fudge
8 hours ago
15 goals is big ask, kobe's prediction seems more likely.
10 hours ago
We'll be better off playing Wilson rather than bring in a midtable striker.
No way thats Schneiderlin, unless he tanned heavily overnight or something. Maybe they stuck a regular fan in there to show them that they are part of the team,...
2 days ago
Why spend that much when it looks like Khessler knows a world class mysterious manager named Mr. Loop
^ yeah yeah, we all know how much you love rooney, now instead of these one liners, lets try to have a discussion that's at least a little bit constructive.
Seems like there are reports suggesting Bayern are now interested in Otamendi. Would be a massive blow if we don't do something after dragging this deal for so ...
There are so many PSG players talking about the ADM transfer its extremely disgraceful and unprofessional, specially from Blanc. Its like they all learnt it fro...
I'd rather we get someone younger than Zlatan from the psg squad if a player is included in the deal, but from a commercial point of view, the club will make a ...
4 days ago
Really ? Its very classless to wish loss upon your own team.
Is this really a surprise ? Happened plenty of times last season when a result didn't go our way. Some fans in this forums have pretty bad mood swings. as accor...
I tried it with adblock, the video disappears but the woman's voice doesn't. She insists on telling me about Michel Platini's fifa candidacy.
5 days ago
Lies, you're the 88th one.
1 week ago
Lukaku needs at least 10 yards of space around him to control a ball played into him. I mean Benteke is preffered over him in Belgium national team, so that tel...
Yeah this applies more to De gea that ADM. I hope we get more clarity on him the not boarding the plane situation before jumping to conclusions.
Easy choice from a neutral point of view, live in Manchester (where his house got broken into) and play in a very demanding league or live in Paris and play for...
Whats that tweet gotta do with Di Maria leaving ?
For reals ? Damn, that's a downer. I guess it's better not to get too attached to him while he is with us then.
^ I hope the future you see doesn't involve him f*****g off to Spain in a few years.
^ Yeah, the job of back passing and hitting the first defender with his crosses.
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