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Certainly a change from our previous way of doing things, that is waiting till deadline day to pull surprises.
14 hours ago
Well Juventus arent exactly strapped for cash either if the pogba deal collapses, but seriously this is a piss take from the agent
3 days ago
Whilst they are within their rights to hike up the price, I don't like to see the club getting taken for a ride like this. Wonder of the Higuaine deal will turn...
5 days ago
Jeez, shambles seems to be your favourite word. Everything the club does is shambles to you. Also why is the Chinese tour being conducted poorly ? Just seems l...
Agreed Tomi, the market might be crazy, but thats no justification to buy bloody Higuaine for 78 million. But then again he's a goal getter and we're looking to...
6 days ago
I think most already agree with that, Ballon'dor and PFA winners go for those amount.
Twitter is cancer. Wives, girlfriends, agents and every other unimportant guy trying to get their 5 minutes of fame.
1 week ago
These hashtags are retarded
Heard that Riaola will get 30% of the transfer fee, goddam
We should care about the cost if we're going to break the transfer record, especially for a central midfielder. Also cost aside, its the player's commitment th...
Its hard to shake off this feeling that alot of the performers in Leicester city squad may be one season wonders. Plus I dont think Marhez has the workrate to...
Atleast we know we won't see him in midfield anymore. Rooney wants to keep playing and only way to prolong his career seems to be drop back, which he'll probabl...
His dream move to spain failed, now its back to the family he slags off every chance he got in the past. If this transfer happens, wont be long before he forces...
The common theme so far is that these guys who carry out these attacks were already previously known to police for criminal activity. Maybe the security forces...
2 weeks ago
Reality is England have average players that can do alot of thing but excel at nothing. Is it better to scrap for ugly wins like portugal/greece or unleash eye ...
Indeed, even though the current market is grossly inflated, no player is worth that amount. I guess from a marketing point of view, if it were to happen, Ed...
Oh ok, its just hard to picture Real as underdogs for any game. I guess its the start of a new era for defensive counterattack football over possession.
Gotta be, Deschamp played him so defensively that he looked very average.
Maybe if Ath. Marid won the CL as well.
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