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Well, I don't think anyone other than Sherwood actually wanted that job considering the circumstances.
1 day ago
I thought that team selfie on the pitch at the end was too much, its a disease thats spreading into football now, they looked like bunch on idiots.
3 days ago
It does seem highly unlikely how a player could be the first name on the teamsheet whilst on a no talking terms with the manager. If he leaves he leaves, its no...
4 days ago
Its not like our defence is good as Monaco
5 days ago
Bruh, you always state the obvious ?
Terrible stuff from Mertersacker, but nice to see Berbatov back and scoring.
Man your left nut is at stake for so many other wagers
Well the move certainly worked out for Pogba, despite moving to a less competitive league, he's become one of the top talents in the world, so can see why Perei...
All these posts of yours are basically saying "Suck it, I was right and you were wrong!" We get it, you said your team is not going to reach their target this ...
6 days ago
Haha, with that weakness, he'll fit right in with our current defence.
Barracuda updated their profile
1 week ago
I imagine if anyone else said the same words, no one would have made a fuss about it haha, I think Jose is just taking a dig at Wenger whilst stating the truth....
Any reason why he was in tears ? Also, it might look tempting to take back a wildcard like nani in these dire times, but we just gotta cut our losses with thes...
Bad times when the likes of Robbie Savage and Paul Mearson are getting their analysis of United right.
I would like to be enlightened too. Not bashing on LvG or anything, but still haven't seen a proper explanation of this philosophy.
We have to fix the defence, Rafeal like Jones plays 3 games then spends 5 games out injured, which is ridiculous.
It just seems like we're no better than Tony Pulis's Stoke City, frustrating times
Oh man, how times have changed
Woah, Clatterbucks and co just made one hell of call to disallow a goal in porto - basel game.
Well to be fair, Mata has been pretty poor by his standard in recent games
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