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How am i whining? or talking s**t for that matter? both of you live in america (possibly even born here) and your favorite teams are brazil, barcelona, etc. ooo...
8 years ago
Holy s**t, it's annoying reading this s**t. so many people can't admit that the usa played well. i don't think any usa fan is arguing that brazil played a bette...
So italy gets to call themselves the best team until....... THAT WAS 3 YEAR AGO! and they only escaped australia by some major theatrical diving. gimme a ...
Although i know it's not what he meant, american is a race. are you seriously going to lecture people spelling and grammer on a messege board?
Spain's first round opponents consisted of south africa, iraq and new zealand. then a loss to the usa. you gotta be kidding me.
That's disrespect stupid.
Hey "myself", what are YOU talking about? who deserved to go through? and explain why. 1-2-0 where the records of the 3 remaining teams other than brazil. fifa ...
Another thing i keep hearing is how the usa didnt deserve to move on from the group stages. ALL 3 teams other than brazil had the SAME RECORD! 1-2-0... every sp...
How is the usa lucky? i've heard this again and again on these posts. most goals involve capitalizing on defensive mistakes. you could make the same argument fo...
At least he stayed on his feet and played with some integrity. any brazilian or italian would have went right down and probably gotten the call as well.
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