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I had my doubts about todays match due to the line-ups...but my word has barca made me eat my words...i feel like sometimes i do that just because it adds some ...
6 years ago
I understand the 1st part of your comment but...see the problem with that is...everyone does it. From club teams in Korea to club teams in Mexico to club teams...
The fact villa is proving he is tremendously effective on the left (which i knew he was) makes the upcoming season so much more salivating...i do believe ibra r...
7 years ago
Haha check out this of the spanish national team training....its EXTREMELY jokes and i based on what mata did...i wouldnt necessarily mind him on barca lol (we ...
I read about the pedro deal...well deserved and im EXTREMELY excited...not only does he score...he scores when barca needs a goal...a very clutch player and hap...
8 years ago
Lol ok...lets be honest...who has been the main advocate in promoting to see david villa in a barca uniform??...hehehe
Hey guys... i read a couple stuff and so far here the scoop and the transfer sagas 1) yaya deal with man city fell through...the agent (who seems to be th...
Sorry if i didnt make it clear...i implied a chance to MAKE it segunda A (as you are right...they currently in segunda B)...
Hey guys...barca atletic are fighting for a place in spanish segunda against another barcelona based team(can't remember the name off headand i already closed t...
I agree...he's good technically...its the position though...he would be GREAT as a normal mid...but DM requires some strength and a firm presence...which he doe...
Lmao not fair yet they produced half of them:)...i'd say its quite fair:P
And then you see why i wanted villa at barca :)
Only position i see liable in DM...despite Senna not there cause of a pretty bad season with injuries and relatively off play...he could have been used as a tru...
I think itll be amazing...pedro (my fav player on barca) plays best as a super sub...bojan can head the line in copa...ibra can take the league...villa can take...
Lmao barca buys ONE player and ppl say they are like real i love it
Definitely not worth it...well he is good but honestly at THIS cost?? wenger thinks he's selling to real madrid...barca won't shell out more than 50 mil ...
Wow im surprised guiza is omitted...his form for spain is always amazing from the games ive seen him in...but then again llorente has been on form and same with...
The diff. is...chafcouf...villa has played the same style as barca with spain AND he's played with the core of barca for a number of years...compared to henry p...
Don't worry moussinho...if barca mistreats/misuses villa in any way i will PERSONALLY take matters into my own hands... good luck in the CL nex yo...
Ok here....hhaaha i just woke up and saw the news... :):):) let me be the 1st to say...bojan and pedro will grow so dramatically and mature like M...
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