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Haha i wrote the exact same thing messionage above this comment what a moron kids just trying to find excuses for such a poor start for madrid or to make himsel...
5 years ago
Hahaha i just saw messionage wrote the same thing as me stupidest comment I have read in a very long time
This really got me heated someone on the madrid forum wrote this i quote "We are fighting to compete with Barcelona whom have purchased more than half of the en...
I stopped reading when you wrote we ve purchased half of the spanish national team youre an idiot kid next time do some research before you make such a ridiculo...
Completely agree with drum spell this kid had some serious brain damage as a child or was dropped several time check yourself into an asylum might do you some g...
Has to be the stupidest comment i have ever read in my life on any forum you sir are the biggest idiot and yes i can judge you just by analyzing how you try to...
This team will keep pushing forward and going only way to go
6 years ago
Team looks ok to me 3-0 up messi scoring and all over the field seems we ll be ok lols
Yes they got yellows they are all suspended for the final i am just curious cause a lot of chelsea's best players are out which sucks cause it wont be the same ...
Always been a fan of bayern's attacking display so just wanna say good luck tomorrow secretly rooting for you guys to win it all now that we're out
First off congrats on the win and not here to troll or nothing but i am curious as to how chelsea's lineup for the final is gonna be you have no Ivanovic, Terry...
Been a fan since 2004 the 2nd year of frank rijkard so like 8 years just fell in love with the club with their amazing team players and style Ronaldinho was def...
Lol greatest haha hilarious its a disgrace saying that when your name says el fenomeno who was and will always be the real ronaldo
Pretty open on both sides saw the whole game even though valencia had some better chances couple of posts like 3-4 =/
^^^did this idiot just say puyol when the hell has puyol ever dived gtfo as soon as i saw that i just burst out laughing btw just take a look aty our own player...
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA i have never laughed so hard that was awesome!!!
Isnt it impossible to get promoted to first division since real madrid are in it dont bash me i am just not sure how it works lol
^^^not cool man not cool u do not bring the great ronaldinho into this discussion lol but yeah every team nowadays dives blah this conversation is getting borin...
Why would we cry we did win what 5 trophies out of a possible 6 lol one measly trophy lost along the way was just consolation and out of pity for you guys lol s...
^^^and what does that make you>>>??? take all of those numbers and multiply them and thats you :)
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