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Umm you cant be a fan of both sorry
8 years ago
Real madrid will get murdered by barca murdered hahaha viva barca and haha madrid instead of hala madrid
Szykuje sie rywalizacja w tym sezonie. Bedzie ciezko ale w koncu mamy pilkarzy ktorzy robia roznice. Pozdro
I hear Spain loves the c**k
U love spain right. after you dissing the states didnt they lose 2 nill in the confederation cup. u probably suck at soccer and just follow the game, im from ca...
Congrats on the top spot, whats the secret to your success? ;)
Its all rumors he probably wont make a decision till after the confederation cup
Hes not worth all this bullshit hes stirring up i hope he gets injured and everyone will laugh at a 80 million injured reserve player wait everyone is already l...
Europe i mean that obvious, the best teams, best players, and best clubs
Spain!!!!!!!!! no doubt
Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate those things they gotta fcukin go!!!!!
Ya what happened hahppened lets just wait for next years chamions league cant wait
Na, ronaldo is not a homo he MIGHT be kinda a D-bag, but def not a homo
Hahahah messi beat ronaldo to
Ya i agree with you but i dont think anything will change barc4life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ronaldo is a homo
Yo hows it going
Yes they were thats why we are the best
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