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LOL at whoever is making fun of barca... without the first squad barca still have the strongest youth squad in europe. no one can argue about that.
6 years ago
Haha so pretty much the fifa 12 default?
You guys are so cute.
When Liverpool's Suarez dives, it's ok. When Man U's Nani dives, it's ok. When Mannchester City's Balotelli dives, it's ok. When Real Madrid's Ronaldo dives, i...
Could i just ask one question? where are those people who said barcelona would be another average team if messi wasnt in it? mmm yeah i thats what i thought...
Go cry.
Dude, go check barca history, messi has scored at least three hattricks on his own without xavi or iniesta.
@Atnighthawk if what your saying is true, especially the last few sentences, then its more or less a manager world cup. its the coach/manager who has to get the... not really haha maybe for man u but not chelsea (not yet)
Dude Chelsea spent more than Man City in the last transfer window -_-
Somewhere on FootyTube
Omg shut up @Oddshot
Whats up with this 'ElBandido' guy? haha
@GlennyBoy doesnt that make it worse? lol
Somewhere on FootyTube
It got him very far last season and beginning of this season lol one trophy haha
I guess i can come to terms with the fact that all the fcbarcelona antifans are coming in at this opportunity to vote rubbish on this game, but what i dont unde...
Im sorry, wheres your evidence to back up the statement "they thought they could just come in and win automatically."? just wondering.
We are so exposed in set plays...
-_- dude watch it again, xavi didnt stay down and cry he fell over cos aquilani raised his arm around him and xavi was caught off balance, so he got right back ...
No playacting from xavi imo. any decent defender knows not to put an arm up and use it to stay near an attacker ESPECIALLY in the penalty box. aquilani's minor ...
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