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In regards to Franky's initial comment about "a better keeper would have guessed the direction" - I disagree. As a keeper a good way to attempt (and I stress a...
2 years ago
He may make mistakes but that save right before halftime was amazing! Beautiful reactions to palm it away. But yeah the goal he let through was a howler. It w...
3 years ago
I agree with you everything you said Che. But I also feel the Roberto tends to play it a little too safe for us when he gets his minutes on the pitch, with a l...
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Great win today, loved some of the touches of our attacking players for the goals. Pedro's first touch was great and can't help but feel he wouldn't have taken ...
So Alex Song is now loaned to West Ham? Interesting move, I thought some higher profile clubs would be interested in him, but I'm glad he will be somewhere he c...
At least Dante is a pretty damn good replacement! Was really surprised to see Thiago Silva do that though, he's normally smarter than that
It's surprising how many star names are dropping at the moment, you've got to feel bad for the players. I can't remember, were there any big names left out of ...
Far out he's good! And those aren't just basic square ball kind of assists, he's picking out great passes!
@Franky Maybe their kit is part of the reason we have a darker colour for ours this season. But I'm glad that comment was removed. Good job mods
4 years ago
New Home Kit:
I'm just excited!
Next season hopefully Cesc will get some more minutes in more of a Xavi role (although he would play it slightly different I think), and I really think we will ...
You have to admit though, a 77 unbeaten streak at home is quite impressive.
So it looks like the Camp Nou remodel has been given the go ahead, pushing the capacity to 105,000. It will take around 4 years, starting in 2017 - according to...
As a keeper you are trained to lift your knee when you leap for a ball, for self protection. If you don't, you can get completely wiped out sometimes, but if yo...
Well Casillas stands at 1.85m and Valdés at 1.88 so not a huge amount of difference there. But I just realised you said "too"
Read this article about SD Eibar in the second division. They are getting completely screwed by regulations, and it's essentially because they're being too succ...
I'm in the same boat mate, I don't think I'll be getting much done in the morning
Yeah that's a good point, and the good penalty takers can put it where they want, without worrying about the situation or where they normally put it. I guess a ...
I wouldn't ever compare myself to professional keepers - they're pros for a reason. I understand where you're coming from in that many penalties aren't very w...
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