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They say "Üç üç üç üç!". That means three in Turkish. After second goal, they ask for the third one. ;)
6 years ago
@Markodon You gotta be kidding. Higlights do not show anything. They first show Stoke's goal and then the penalty position. Then how come you say BJK had a dif...
After the first game away, my comment was saying that the game in Istanbul will be very hard for Stoke and did not give a chance to them. Good to see that I'm r...
This was an interesting group. They all had chances to qualify until last games. Trabzonspor only scored 3 goals in 6 games and got beaten once but they could s...
Biggest disappointment of the night. I didn't expect this. I believe it's a loss for the tournament, but a gain for Estonia. I'm actually glad that Estonia has ...
Too bad. Having the same points with Portugal (16) but not qualifying.
Well done to Denmark. They played great. I'm so happy to see scandinavian power back in tournaments. Match of the day.
He's 30. Not dead yet.
This was one of the most important matches for Armenia and it's history probably. I'm sure it could have been way different than this score if they wouldn't hav...
The game was under our control for 90 minutes. However, we lacked of creativity thanks to this Chinese wall. :) We are in play-off's. But let's do a brief revi...
Oh man what a game! Fantastic freekick goal. Congrats to Swedes! They truly deserved it. 3 goals in 3 minutes. That's incredible. Great comeback. Single defeat ...
4th goal is good. Game over for Andorra. At least, they scored one goal in the group.
Germany did us a favor tonight. I expected more from Belgium though.
People are not satisfied with the team and the coach. That's all. We had some really shitty results in the group and now we are in danger not play in play-offs....
Whistling the anthem can not be accepted. But whistling while the ball is controlled by opponent is normal.
Well, I'm so pissed off because I put my bet for more than 2 margin but they only scored one. They ruined my bet.
After yesterday match, I had a feeling that Germans will win the game because they might want to have this unbeatable title in groups. Maybe I'm optimistic, I d...
That's a great success for Iceland to score 3 goals away in Portugal. Jonasson's second goal was clever. Eliseu's goal was the best of the night.
I put a bet on draw against Italy for Serbia and I was right actually. :)
They are boring yes, but we have to congratulate them since they don't miss any tournaments. Hats off for them.
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