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2 weeks ago
Congratz guys.....mata was amazing...hope u guys really do win the champions league
1 month ago
Goal 1, Goal 2, and bend it like beckham, Goal 3 sucks majorly.
2 months ago
Please sir can i have some more????these plays have me salivating............*drools*
Patrick bamford scored for derby awhile ago.... thats 2 loanees on target today! the youth revolution is on!!!
3 months ago
4 months ago
Yep, i have a general fear of exams, im resitting f5, and f7....heres hoping that this time is the charm!!! best of luck bro, i wont forget u in my prayers!!!
Hey guys, i didnt see the match on account of me prepping for my ACCA exams this week, but thanks guys for ur in depth match analysis and witty humor... i look ...
Ive been a chelsea fan for over 12 years now, and i must say, i dont envy ur team at the moment, im happy that you guys are having success, its been long overdu...
Lol, well played tanmay..haha.....@tomikato, i think ill stay glitched..hehehehehe
6 months ago
Mods, i have a problem! i cant seem to stop looking at this page.... i come here more often than i use any other form of social media combined....i think i may ...
Another goal by lukkaku!
I think i figured out..lets see....
Thanks aatir, thats my point! how many goals we would have had if they all played less selfishly!
7 months ago
Yeah you wouldnt blame willian, cuz u just dont like torres..any unbiased person would see that he should have passed..even the commentators said it..that neyma...
I vaguely recall ppl complaining that torres doesnt make runs and doesnt shoot....he made extremely great runs today and hardly any1 found him..the 2 bertrands ...
I beg to differ, as willian took his shot..torres was gonna turn and shoot, but willian went for glory....and it wasnt the first time in the match willian sligh...
Oh man. sunderland was really hard done there...altidore earned his goal..damn referee!grrrr
Id like to concur with u bazinga, but im not sure if that was meant to be a bazinga or not, so i shall just hopee for the best and live in a cave until the tra...
Anyone online? someone up and pissed zilch off , ive never seen him angry on the site before1 :( so sad, i sometimes believe the mods are so underrated that it ...
As much as we are rivals, i for 1 will be rooting for u! i much prefer u over spurs, no offense to spurs, but i have admired your fight year in year out, plus t...
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