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None of your business lolol ;))
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No other team but the team with the cannon,ARSENAL.. respect it or you face the gun!
Manchester United and that is all football is about, making rivals n all....hahahahaha!!
Waiting for that special day Canada is going to stop playing hockey and focus more on football!
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4 years ago
Mharis you may have a point about Arsenal being lucky but at the same time, we handled the situation very well and our defenders chewed every piece of meat thro...
Yes we lost to City at home and that was because we had a defender injured. It was 3-2 when Koscienly got injured and THAT was the main thing that changed the w...
We definitely need a top class striker and defender. Can't put all the weight on the tall German and French. I think Vermalean had a decent game today, maybe he...
You need to understand my language fellow gooner. To answer your question, yes I watch every single arsenal game and can't remember the last time I missed one.
Szczseny was a beast so was Monreal. Wish Monreal could have more game time but Wenger is definitely trying his best for him. I'd still pick Gobbsy though but M...
Arsenal till I die. What more is left to say there. The highlight speaks for itself. I see us reaching the Quarter Finals of the CL and winning a cup. Preferabl...
Same old Gervinho. WTH!
I thought the same as well but then again, that has always been the Arsrenal way isn't it. Besides we were 2 goals up. He deserves to be cocky a little but all ...
@0151 Have you EVER heard about occupation? If you have a job and it requires you to be available on weekends, will u say no to that because u support a FC? Pla...
Arsenal till I go 6 feet. Like dude, those lads played against West Bromwich first team. Gotta give credit where credit is due. HOWEVER, Wenger needs to start t...
Damn Everton though. I admire that team a lot, always did!
Crystal Palace be BALLING!
What some people failed to see is the BELIEVE the Brazilians had before kick off when they were singing the national anthem. They had so much passion; never see...
I think you're right about people that said 'Spain is done.' However, "uncharacteristic mistakes" is not the best term to define what happened yesterday. I watc...
FIFA14 should have Manager celebrations too just because of Paolo Di Canio.
5 years ago
Paolo Di Canio.... Oh you gotta love him. You can tell he has a lot of PASSION for the team and game. What a coach he's going to be.
Lmfao! Somebody help me please!!!!!!!! Dude what is your problem? Why are you getting emotional over my comment dude? Clearly you don't respect my opinion and o...
That's your opinion dude. I have no reply for you! I'm entitled to mine and respect it cos I respect yours. Bye!
Everyone is entitled to their own individual perspective on players. That being said, Ramsey shouldn't be starting games for me. I have watched every 98% of the...
You guys don't get it that's why. Adebayor is a STRIKER; Huddlestone isn't. As a striker, you HAVE TO hit the target from a penalty spot. Like c'mon, he has bec...
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