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Cadi sheni dedac movtyan tomikatom da burgerpuff-ma gadaajvit ertmanets tqveni dedis gidzlshi chavatesle hijo de puta!
6 years ago
Yeah u r keyboard bad boy i will f*****g rape u face to face tell me time and date i will burn u alive u c**t
Go back to museum with ur "Juventus"
I feel so bad for people who thinks Chelsea's performance was good in ether against barca or bayern because they clearly don't know what sport "football" is ab...
I simply stated my opinion that football isn't fair i never said anything about Chelsea's s**t performance caving in defense the whole match against Bayern i ne...
So much hate u got in u, are u "low life?" perhaps, "fat boy?" could be, "fag?" possibly, "c**t?" definitely.
How do u know i have low life? out of u and i its u whos going replying to everybodys comment defending Chelsea's performance i think "low" implies to u more th...
This is absolute luck in my opinion Bayern played million times better and they deserved to win. sometimes football is such an unfair game.
Nice to see fellow georgian on the top of the list of "yeallow" & "red" cards LOL
I dont see this team winning a champions league more that mayern is playing at home :D
I might be and again i might not be but me being bitter have nothing to do with this its just that everything is too obvious to vote a team "rubbish" which just...
In my opinion game with newcastle is the real test of city since newcastle is attacking minded & plays ever so well this season plus they're on home ground. it'...
Whoever voted barcelona as "rubbish" clearly knows football better than anyone & is professional footballer or fan in fact.
Viva El Barca!
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