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@Zootednation: I'm sorry but dragging your foot before a shot is senseless. Seriously, how can you have descent swing at the ball when taking a shot if you drag...
4 years ago
Poor pepe :(
Hands down,he's in the top 3 defenders in the world right now.
I don't feel any shame what so ever in losing in a Euro cup final against a team who's B squad could crush 98% of the clubs on this f*****g planet. You're just ...
Ideye has the vision of a mole.
5 years ago
The lineswomen didnt gave him the red card you douche. Howy did
I don't see why Pastore and Wilshere would be more useful than Fabregas and Pedro're just mad they got trashed and consequently, giving us that d...
I miss one of my favorite players...Pavel Nedved
I don't get it, why do people give so much credit to these young Brazilian players yes they have a looots of talent but if you haven't played in the top leagues...
Plus it doesn't make much difference, its not like Ronaldo is at 40 or somethin'...
To ruin his career...
I don't even know why you guys are arguing with this imbecile...he clearly doesn't know s**t.
Wtf is this motherfucking s**t?
No he's right...lets go for a all out attack on Barcelona, open our midfield and let them penetrated us like a newly arrived inmate in prison, we'll lose for su...
It hit his face and it was pretty blatant after we saw it like 5-6 times on the close up replays.
Eeuuuh, please....
FOR f**k SAKES, does any body enjoys having a guy explaining f*****g highlights?????
De gea really? i don't even remember his last succesful punch clearence..
I'm sooo agreeing with you, this is complete f*****g bullshit.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Meh, he's way better than Gervinho...
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