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As a neutral, I've got to say the whole incident was pretty silly, but I think the ref made the right call. Gervinho dived = yellow card Barton agressively p...
6 years ago
Marcelo and ramos were amazing.
7 years ago
The wall was misplaced. Valdez actually knew that was going to happen, you could hear him screaming for the wall to move right up to the kick, which was stella...
A few EPL games this season: Chelsea - West Brom 6 - 0 Arsenal - Blackpool 6 - 0 Newcastle - Aston Villa 6 - 0 Chelsea - Blackpool 4 - 0 Manchester United -...
I'm a barcafan and I can't agree with Hitch. Sevilla is a fantastic side. Just because they've had a tumble this season in La Liga doesn't change that. I'd s...
As a barca supported, I have to say the ref got this one wrong. I know you give a lot of latitude to the 'keeper's protection, but still, this should have been...
Their attack is fantastic. From long range even. But if they keep defending and GK like that, they'll be knocked out by serious clubs in no time.
That would involve them passing to each other, which really didn't happen very much. It was a team of individuals.
Everyone questioning the penalty didn't watch the game. It was an OBVIOUS penalty. The American commentators, who were complaining earlier about the refs not ...
8 years ago
Barca looks sloppy. They're coasting. We can't rely on PUYOL for assists, for god's sake. He's supposed to be on defence. The defense looks sloppy. Gryns...
Good god, work on your set pieces, people.
A shocking number of poor fouls from Malanga. The team should be disciplined. Because you're losing 2-0, with 2 minutes left, you aren't allowed to take out p...
All three headers! Brilliant.
Just look at 4:10 on the video and tell me otherwise. Yellow or Red card for Chelsea #17, penalty shot, Messi scores, Game 1/0.
9 years ago
This is the kind of thing that will keep soccer from gaining ground in the USA. What kind of BS is that in front of the goal. Hello? People, it's the 21st ce...
Are you crazy? There was absolutely no contact with the man, and the Arsenal player chose to fall to get the penalty. The Arsenal player should have been give...
Truly disgusting call on that penalty. Arsenal flopped most ignobly and the refs should be ashamed of themselves
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