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His game style is nothing like messi's its the same as busquets trying to play cb... of course it isn't going to work. No one in the world can play messi's posi...
6 years ago
Wtf? are you f*****g dumb??? audentio was obviously just saying how in the us Soccer(football) clearly doesnt make fan go crazy like it does in countries such a...
I'm a barca fan but i have to say.... contreau or how ever its spelt is going to be a massive x factor in the league title race this year. marcelo and contreau ...
You have as many defensive problems as arsenal. and until our teams can sort that out.... man utd and chelsea are going to continue to trump us.
7 years ago
His always injured... just like RVP and cesc!
Madrid won 6-2 and they have an excellent defensive line... when your attacking so hard your going to give the opposition a chance.... and they usually take it....
Somewhere on FootyTube
Um.... i agree with what he said... but he has no right to be the one to say it. maybe someone who knows xomething about not going to ground such as a messi or ...
I hate madrid.... . and love barca.... but as a die hard arsenal fan... and what we went through against barca i can totally understand where madrid are coming ...
At least he lays a tackle.... you see so many players score because defenders are to worried about giving away a penalty so they dont put ne pressure apart from...
Except hazard and lukaku didnt play.
He was subbed off in embarrassment.
Somewhere on FootyTube
I think neymar, hazard, gotze, muller are the most likely to move clubs in the summer... i dont see chelsea telling the majority of their leadership group to f ...
Im an arsenal supporter and i would hate to see him leave man utd... i mean if he left i would have no man utd players to hate... and thats not cool.
Cant win the easiest of 4 titles....hopefully this is the kick up the ass arsenal need to stop dropping points.
They seem to be the most entertaining team even when they only score zero or one goal... haha
Haha good ol gibbs
Leo.... ur points invalid... no1 wants to hit the crossbar come match day unless the ball goes in the net.
Jack Wilshere Christian Eriksen Eden Hazard Mario Götze Sergio Canales will be the best attacking midfielder/wingers in the world from about 2018-2023
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