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Wtf...? I Honestly dont see what the fuss is about Its just another group stage game where barca are through anyways... Its not like against chelsea last season...
5 years ago
LOL who cares if we cheated or cesc was dirty. WE WON, 3 points noobs talk all u want we hav 3 points ahahahaha lolololol so shame on u haters. By all mean keep...
U mean wat a failed troll.. coz the poor kid ended up swearing in tears... lol
6 years ago
Slick1990=>probably not... but meh.. its funny to watch him super pissed off and swearing.. ahaha i pity him.
Ahahahah its ok kid.. i know wat it feels like when u cant find a comeback so you swear as much you can in hope to piss some dude who lives on the other side of...
I strongly suggest u go let your anger out on WOW or something. you sould like a super pissed off nerd to me.. so dude.. chiiilll
O thats all cool and all. has ronaldo ever won a euro..? no. has he ever won a world cup...? no. (btw i'm being a stupid shallow idiot like you) if he didnt win...
O and as for your comment on messi not doing anything for his national side... has ronaldo done anything for his national side.. you should stop jugding a playe...
Cool story bro.. but so what... i'm sure you comments will reach messi... coz messi really cares about whos best in the world. and i'm sure messi has nothing be...
*sigh* do ppl have anything better to do in life...? Thbutifulgame do u have a life... sure there are things ronldo can do dat messi cant such as freekicks.. bu...
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Man u lost 6-1 ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah what rubbish.... best team in england my as
I'm sure Tottenham will score better goals in this CL... o wait you guys are not even in CL. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha
Cool story bro
Cool story bro
Ofc we are cocky and arrogant... we are the champions of europe we have the right. if madrid dont like then win the league and UCL. stop judgeing us just coz u ...
It is when messi scores like 4 goals
No team can win against a 9-0-1 formation. very smart thinking to milan for coming up with dat formation.
LOL. madrid is just getting more and more pissed off every game against barca... hmmm mayb once they all turn into super sayains they can finaly beat barca.
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