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English HD Highlights?
2 years ago
Anyone got the long highlights?
Damn, not sure how you guys watch this league. Boring
I consider the Champions League more important than any other competition. Since Chelsea made it way further than us, I can humbly admit that they are better t...
Barca deserved this victory. Milan played pretty poor. As a ManU fan, I know how it feels to be favored by the refs and get extra time added on for no reason....
Shoddy ass defending, not impressed
Extended highlights? in english
This is what we get for calling Arsenal a 'Training Ground.' Clearly, they were the best team in the EPL this year but had some bad calls go against them. Suc...
3 years ago
Real...less points than last season and this is with the so-called 'genius.' Lol, Real sucks. I bet Ronaldo regrets leaving the EPL, considering how much bett...
Well, it looks like we've lost the league and the Champs League again. No way can we beat Chelsea next week, and Barca is gonna beat us down in the final. Wel...
The only way I can see us winning the final is if we get our usual lucky calls from the ref (Happens to us all the time in the EPL). Barca is gonna stomp us, s...
Good win for Manu. But we've been lucky to have the easiest route in the CL. We will definitely get beat by Barca, good run lads, but too bad
You have to feel bad for Arsenal, cheated out of points
Manu should be ashamed of themselves. Always bitching and moaning and blaming the ref when they can't get the results. They're going to get beat by Chelsea an...
Manu finally doesn't get the calls for once. We as Manu fans should be ashamed, but proud that finally..people really saw our true colors. We aren't that grea...
It's amazing, we should all be proud to be Manu fans. Even during non-Manu games, Manu gets the calls somehow. Lucky
The only way that I can see Manu getting past them is if the ref is on their side. But this is the CL, so that'll probably happen.
Manu really did get lucky. Once again, they got all the calls and he really shouldn't have been sent off. I'm kind of happy they won though, Fergie would of b...
Love Manu, but theyre such typical babies. Always crying and whining, good to see that didnt happen that often this game
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