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3 years ago
Ahmed, I just complimented Barca. Learn how to read. Manu will not win the CL, guaranteed
7 years ago
Typical lucky Manu. They always have the ref on their side and always get all the calls. If Chelsea gets a fair chance at Manchester (which I doubt it), then ...
These weak ass Italian teams are being exposed. They don't deserve more than 1 team in the CL
Ha, Real can't even beat these crappy teams in the sub-par La Liga
Typical c***s from NYC, couldn't even be quiet during the moment of silence
Chelsea need to understand that they have no shot at winning the league title anymore, It's clearly between Arsenal and Manu
La Liga is weak, most of these teams wouldn't be able to compete in the Championship
Hoping Evans gets suspended for the rest of the season.
Typical Manu, complain when their baby Nani gets a scratch, but then bitch and moan when they break someone's leg. Idiots
Finally, all the Manu fans can be quiet about them going undefeated. You losers lost to a team at the bottom of the table.
Meh, not impressed with Wayne Rooney. Those goals were not that good.
Didn't get to see the Spurs game today..what was the score?
Didn't get to see the Spurs game today..was the score?
Typical La Liga. Real and Barca dominate. What a boring league to watch
Have fun in the Europa League again Liverpool hahahah
Can't wait until they play arsenal again. hopefully this time the referee won't be makin bogus calls
Who cares, arsenal is gonna take the FA
Meh, Arsenal is still gonna win the league. Nice try Mancity
Love messi, but can't wait for arsenal to give barca a beatdown
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