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Lyradpro (Daryl Seah Yi Run) from Singapore, Singapore
Im A Liverpool Fan :D When you walk through a storm Hold your head up high And don't be afraid of the dark. At the end of the storm there's a golden sky And the sweet silve ...
Ragul987 (Ragul Raveendran)
RickTheGod (Richard James Smith) from Lincoln, England
Screwzz13 (Shoaib Screwzz) UAE
I m a heavyweight drinker. Like watching football referee sometimes and talking to pretty girls...
Serg10 (Serg Arroyos) from R-town
Im all about soccer... I play it, I watch it, I coach it.. I love it. "Don't let your heads drop. We're Liverpool. You're playing for Liverpool. Don't forget that. You have to ...
SHUNGEN (T.Shungen) from Toyohashi, Japan
Hey everyone! I'm a football nut that likes to watch and play football anywhere, anytime! I like Chelsea in the Premiership, and I follow all their games! I'm currently studyi ...
Theshid (Rachid Insa) from Montréal, Canada
I started supporting liverpool when i was like 9 firstly because of the colour of the jersey which was favorite colour lol but with time i learned the mentality and the culture of ...
Youngunners (Young Gunners)
ZIDANE0510 (Chuseong Cheong) from Tokyo, Japan
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