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Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes' inability to ever tackle legally, Andres Iniesta's moment of salvation against Chelsea (2009), David Beckham's work ethic, Special 1 TV, Sir Alex Ferguson and (future Sir) Jose Mourinho.

Oh, and chocolate. :)
Carlos "Quasimodo" Tevez, Cristiano "Dior" Ronaldo, Didier "Pastry-roller" Drogba, Rafa "Fachtman" Benitez, Zlatan "Chokes-like-a-cheap-hooker" Ibrahimovic, Gennaro "Boarsnout" Gattuso, Ray "Bernini-Sculpture-of-a-Goal" Hudson and Mexican football broadcasters' super-slo-mo "Phantom Camera" :D
Just for Fun (Midfielder) Three Points Or None
I worship at the Church of the Welsh Wizard.

The highlights of my 21-year life have been Barcelona '99, acceptance to the University of Toronto's Aerospace Masters Program, flying a Cessna 152 and my spring-break trip to Cuba!

I live in the hope of the eventual discovery that Cristiano "Bellyflop" Ronaldo is hiding female genitalia.
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In my opinion, bent needs kenwyne jones up there with him to provide that dynamic and physical presence that frees him up to receive balls from midfield....andy...
8 years ago
Lol wigan could have lost 5-0 and it still would've been much better ;) in all honesty, i'd say sunderland served it up for them on a silver platter, but they ...
Yeah, and he really didn't mean to stamp on van persie earlier either! lol just kidding, for once i'll take the bas***d's side ;) but i almost passed out laugh...
True that....Bowyer has no right to be scoring goals like that....brilliant save from hahnemann to deny him a second though!
Firstly, how can you possibly like real AND barcelona?! and i do agree that chelsea are playing some retardedly good football this season, but i can't get past ...
But aguero single-handedly fought back for takes some strength to hold off pepe, knock the bas***d off balance and then slide a precision finish ...
No offense, but I think Arsenal are playing the better football by far this season. Chelsea struggled against us today, yet we would've lost handily to Arsenal ...
I'll give you that Arsenal are playing some irresistible football. i actually look forward to their games almost as much as united games (being a united fan). t...
Lol guys when i said no one respects ronaldo, that's exactly what i mean....that's the difference between giggs and ronaldo, they were/are both the best wingers...
Lol, turns out they had the one player we didn't count ferdinand!! what is happening with that guy?!?!
Evra is pretty good, but he does have a weakness in the air....he's relatively small which means bigger players have the edge on him going up for headers....
Haha, i can't believe that was actually babel....speaking of whom, i saw this ridiculous video a few months ago: th...
To be entirely fair, there is a long list of players under that category: Voronin, Lucas, Babel (inspite of his wondergoal), Ngog, Kyrgiakos, Degen, El Zhar, S...
PS>> when i say howlers, i mean in the whole season, not this game....from what i saw this game he seemed well up to the task.
Still error-prone though....he has made a couple of howlers, and let in a couple vdS would have stopped/tipped over....his footwork leaves a bit to be asked, th...
True Dgrant, excellent point....honestly, i know most man united fans were disappointed to see ronaldo go, but were any of them actually SAD? i doubt it....beca...
To be honest, that might be a tougher test given that spurs only had defoe in terms of pace, while city have bellamy, ireland and adebayor. it takes something s...
True that. i think ac milan proved to be the biggest losers this transfer season. on a closer-to-home note, good old scholesy just keeps those tackles coming e...
Tell you what guys, I've watched the video over and over trying to work out if Rooney actually did dive. I couldn't come up with a certain answer and consigned ...
Moonshine222, that's still not something that should be encouraged. And in that aspect I agree with Kop4life that if a player is found to outright dive, then ye...
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