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Aint saying Messi is not good. Who can forget that amazing blust from him to beat CASILLAS in the classico? What I am trying to say is sometimes you gotta let o...
4 years ago
Our players arent looking motivated enough. But I dont know if you guys agree that the condition of the field today played a big part too on the inability to pl...
I was actually compering with that messi in the right flank with HENRY and ETO beside him, with those lovely one-twos with DANI.
And biggest thing to worry that MESSI and INIESTA are not as effective as before. it seems all of us are ageing.
Nothing to complain about the defense, it is as crappy as ever, but VALDES was very poor and out of place too. And I came to realize that we lost the touch of...
5 years ago
@ DERBOMBA: I dont know what u saw, but ROONEY has always been very hardworking, quick and good at assisting from flanks and scoring. But most importantly I lik...
I meant BALE. Excuse my spelling,guys. Was never careful or good at it. And always kinda crazy going over keyboards.
Have been out of FOOTY for a while so donno the vibe here about all that NEYMAR issue. I have been very pissed and worried everytime there is something with BAR...
Thats exactly what I have been doing for so many years, wearing it more specially after our defeats, and will keep doing it. I know for a fact that we will come...
I think we should go for it to ease off the pressure on MESSI. We have been struggling with lack of goal scorers after ETO and HENRY were gone. VILLA did his jo...
Damn, I have a long night shift with the manager who is a BAYERN fan. Thinking to call in sick ... ... lolll
You know what? The emotional and crazy BARCA fan part of me believes that we can pull it off!!! We did it against ARSENAL couple of years ago, remember? Buy t...
I agree, actions like this should be punished by the club, NO MATTER who did it. I remember mailing to FCB ADMIN asking to punish BUSQUESTS for his shameful div...
Not the day we got defeated by INTER or CHELSEA or recent defeats by MOUdrid, but today is definitely the worst BARCA day in last 10 years, since I have started...
Agree about BUSQUESTS, its always harder for us when he is poor on the ball, being a key central player. He was awful against PSG too.
Giving too many corners. BAYERN successfully narrowing XAVI, INIESTA and MESSI down. and DANI is F**KING awful. works the most but zero creativity while approa...
A half-fit MESSI came up and changed the whole game what had been very quiet for us before that. That crisp passing between the MVP trio was missing all night. ...
Just finished seeing the full match. Great game for us, quite a 2 MEN SHOW. FEBREGAS was fired up, amazing hattrick and assists. And SANCHEZ, whom I have been ...
I agree, BARCA's hope to make it this years CL is very narrow with this struggling defensive form. MASCH's absence made it even worse while PIQUE seems to be qu...
SILVA is just too good. It really hurts me to say that to me PIQUE is nowhere near his level. I was really hoping BARCA buying him when he was leaving MILAN.
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