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Thanks a lot dude some really interesting and helpful stuff there. I'll try and keep the response quick: 1) I find what you answered to the first question t...
Hey mate, I can give you answers for 1, 3 and 5 now. 1) what footytube is to me, has changed from when I first began visiting the site years ago. Originally I ...
So you would agree that it is a community even though you will most likely never meet any of the users on here We all live all around the world thousands of mil...
2 days ago
Hey dude, thanks for offering yourself. :) Basically i will give you the same questions I have given to the other guys but please answer the one/ones that appl...
Haha cheers guys this is good stuff, keep it coming :) Chargui thanks for the reading looks like it could be very useful.
1) If I wanted to have a laugh I honestly would prefer to have them with my friends over a beer now but I would say when I initially came it was more socializin...
Hi guys, don't know if any of you saw my post yesterday, but basically I have an essay/project to do for thursday and Im doing on footytube. Very kindly two ...
In response to your reply: 1) Firstly, is there more to it for you than being a place to express your opinions, and see a large variety of others from across ...
1) Footytube to me is a site where I can express some views on football where I couldn't do here in Canada. Footytube has a vast amount users varying from diffe...
3 days ago
Cloudst So I have come up with some questions but I want you to answer the one or ones you are interested in or think are most relevant to you. Then if there i...
Ok amazing! So I have come up with some questions but I want you to answer the one or ones you are interested in or think are most relevant to you. Then if the...
If you post the questions on my wall I'll try to get them answered before Thursday.
No problem happy to help :)
Thats if great news, cheers bud :) Will get back to you tomorrow as its late here, but thanks again.
Ask me questions on my wall i work over weekdays so it'd be difficult for you to catch me on skype or something else but i'd be happy to help you bro :)
Hi Deffyduck, you and Cloudst were the only ones to respond to my comment about doing some interviews. I would really really appreciate it if you are willing. L...
Hey Cloudst you were one of the only two people to respond to my comment before and also I realise you are probably one of the most active users or have been ov...
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