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Our guys gotta calm down, if a dog bites your leg, don't go and try to bite the dog's legs!!
6 hours ago
Wasn't he bought as a future replacement for Alonso??
9 hours ago
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United clearly took wrong kinda gamble this season but we would have thought Falcao would turn up to be that bad, despite being out for long
Now that I'm calm, I was quite wrong about what he said today. He was frustrated, like most of us since he is a big fan as well but I still stand by my point, w...
Listening to Henry this last week, makes me wonder... are there so called opinion scripted?? Henry has started to sound bit annoying, since his comments on Chic...
13 hours ago
Azpi is very underrated as Nacho at Arsenal. These two spaniards know how to keep things easy and get their job done .
14 hours ago
That was pretty scary, and how was he allowed to continue despite that horrible incident is beyond me!!
I believe "defense" is used by Americans, while other countries use "defence", in Canada either are accepted!!
I remember many talking about how Hazard will swallow him alive!
Why would he?? after all the sh*t Morgan gave, when ramsey was struggling?
I love this guy, despite everything that has happened but he sounds like "good guy" kinda guy, always talks nice whether he means it or not just be "liked and b...
Yeah i'll just fix it to whatever name you want. Tell me what you want to change it to and i'll talk to the devs to fix it :)
Hey man! How can I change my name? I had to put my name, because I kinda lost my bet with stupid friends, now I have to change my user name
My country too man, :( i woke up to hear that news it is pretty sad, but it was always gonna happen sooner or later, which is sad government don't do sh*t for s...
1 day ago
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