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- Liverpool and Arsenal. I don't know why, I just do.
- Entertaining soccer... err I mean football.
- Dazzling dribbling
- Quick paced games and counterattacks
- All underdog teams
- When top teams clash; it makes for a good game.
- Diving
- Players who fake injuries or make the most of them.
Just an American obsessively watching the EPL and the Champions League.
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4 years ago
Im not a chelsea fan, but they really seem to have gotten the short straw in this game. The "Ramires" tackle was beyond his control. AV player slides in as Ram...
Hell, I find it really hard not to root for Liverpool to take it all this year.
Say what you want about Suarez, but he is certainly one of the best attacking players in the world right now.
Wow. The team play by Arsenal this season is superb. Best in the EPL by far. I hope they take the league this year, as they deserve it with this kind of play. ...
1. Ramsey is one hell of a player and he keeps proving it. 2. Ref had a bad game. It really sucks for us, but whining about it won't do much. 3. That pass/assis...
Say what you want about Shelvey, but he was involved in all 4 goals!
Good performance by both teams, even though Chelsea created more chances. They just couldn't put them away. Kind of unlucky actually. Was anyone as impressed a...
Regardless of who is doing the diving, FIFA needs to get serious about it. Diving is not some "theatrical aspect" of the game. It's cheating and players who d...
I'm probably missing something, and feel free to point out what that is, but Ramires got to the ball before him by at least a full second. So how is it a foul? ...
Yes, but Ramires clearly got to the ball first. His momentum made a collision inevitable, but he actually did win the ball first. So how is it a foul?
As a neutral, I thought that second yellow on Ramires may have been the worst call I've seen all year. Even though Chelsea having 10 men affected the rest of ...
I'm really impressed with Aston Villa. They created a good amount of opportunities against a Chelsea team which I believe is vastly improved from last year.
Was rooting for the underdog in the match which was obviously Aston Villa. To see Arsenal lose in this manner constitutes robbery however. That second penalty ...
Spain looked helpless. I was rooting for Brazil, but I was hoping for a better showing from Spain.
What a BS red card for Ronaldo. I was rooting for Atletico, but the amount of milking and fake fouls they feigned really disgust me. Its a poor win and Gabi sho...
5 years ago
Luiz just made one of the best shots from outside the box I've seen in years. Seriously, the spin and dip on that was insane.
Thats a BS penalty for Basel. There is no way thats even a foul by Ivanovic.
I wish I could have bet on this game with an outcome like this. Never saw this coming.
I think your bias may have effected your opinion that they should have been given cards. Everton was more physical , but cards could have been given to a numbe...
Di Canio went nuts for that 3rd goal. He is exactly what the teams needs, though I feel O Neil got scapegoated.
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