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Ares88 just Watched
Spain Vs. Haiti
You mean man U fans and man U fans.
BRAZILLLLL!!! rafael did great this game.fact.
Nice run di maria. smooth finish ronaldo. out of no where beauty of a header from im so glad they let them play this game. cuz even with ronaldos pe...
F**k YEAH!!!!
Pretty sure any line judge worth his salt would have called that second dc goal offside.
6 years ago
Damn it i wish i watched!~~~!@#$#!
Fire mexes from soccer forever please.
@arnabforzamilan imo dont forget seedorf, cassano, robinho (yeah he has been out of form but still), and maybe muntari.
I miss thiago=[ im done seeing mexes.
"Zambrotta brought the most superb crossing"?!!? but everything else is well said. especially about formation. i mean try some different things out. se...
Well the first leg was maybe we should have. also mesbah didnt start the first leg.
Why start mexes. start mesbah. f**k antonini f**k mexes. bonera and mesbah all day.
Oo and happy late birthday seedorf.
Why isnt mesbah being played more in serie a games?!he's got that line speed that we need on counter-attack fastbreaks. and he's a good agressive defender.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Yeah they already have ibra and maxi as forward strikers. and idk wtf is up with pato. mystery injuries.
If the other team scored the score would have been different. amazing insight there...
Tim howard. world class player. you idiots don't look at everyone on the field just mids and strikers or what? im really suprised italy didnt score cuz us defen...
Having said that i didn't think you could take a free kick until the ref blows his whistle for the play to continue after he has blown his whistle for play to s...
Yeah that tweet video shows that everytime evra shook someones hand they brought his hand over to his right and he brought it back for every player that was nex...
You know what they say...form is temporary, class is permanent.
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