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4 years ago
Chamakh, what happened to you? such a tragedy.
You can't even score goals like that FIFA. AMAZING. However, We've got like 30 games to go. I'll see you all at the end of DECEMBER. Then we will see if we are ...
Toress and Ba are your best options. Give Eto'o time to find his feet. For god's sake. it's his first season in the Premier League.
Let's see you lot play goalkeeper against Bayern. Stfu. Yes, it's terrible to be scored on your near post but if the quality and pace of the shot is ferocious, ...
Damn he set himself up for that one.
It's annoying how people always pick dortmund in FIFA.
Lukaku is a BEAST. THANK YOU CHELSEA for loaning him out.
Good game spurs. Nice home jersey too.
We were lucky with that call. The ref thought it wasn't a clear goal chance and blew the whistle actually too early. But Altidore and Sagna were having a long t...
BALE, please come to Arsenal. We'll give you that sweet CL football you've been dying for. Listen to the little boy inside of you. lol
5 years ago
I'm so excited for next season. We could even tempt bale with the galore of champions league. Lol. What's your Arsenal transfer wishlist? Mine is Rooney, Joveti...
Lindergaard, thank you for your services but it's obvious you won't have a career here at Man U. Jesus Christ. Chelsea are going to be stacked. Can u imagine Ba...
Hey c***s. I'm happy for my man RVP! He deserves it! We'll see y'all next season. ;)
Rooney to Webb: I thought you were on our team?
Congrats to Man U and Robin Van Persie. If you want to win the premier league you need to have the hunger and drive to win it. Arsenal have never shown that for...
Must be nice to win the season and still bitch about how bad your team plays. smh Some Man U fans are pure idiots
Rats spurs! I was rocking in my seat with joy when Man City was winning. Now the ball's in our court with us facing Man U. Man this top 4 race is so intense. Ma...
Also, how were Barnsley awesome?
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