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RVN09 (Donovan) from Manchester, Singapore
Football makes the world go round, can't live without it. GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED. HUP HOLLAND HUP! ALL HAIL RUUD VAN NISTELROOY, IN RUUD WE TRUST
Saif007 (Saif Mohd Rafeea) Qatar
Sam (Sam X) USA
Staticvoid (Liu Yalin)
Stellaartois (Stella Artois) from Leuven, Belgium
My home is where my Stella is...
Susanta1 (Susanta) from Kolkata, INDIA
Tanmay (Tanmay)
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I love to play football on the streets or on the field :) I find its the most relaxing part of the day :) Always do it before and after school with my self of my mates. I hate it w ...
Thecrowrip (Il Fenomeno Vero) from Lisboa, Portugal
*Ahem* I apologize to all the people I might have offended since I joined this site, I am not that type of person. If you have issues with me or you feel that I have behaved inappr ...
Maradonna good> pele better> GEORGE BEST..!! i used to work in the world famous harland and wolff shipyard in belfast, were the titanic was built, and no, i had nothing to do wi ...
Tuski1 (TUSHAR JAIN) from Gwalior, India
UlfGul (Ulf Klinteberg) from Oslo, Norway
Vlad (Vlad Bosinceanu)
ZAHIDI (ZAHIDI AZIZAN) from Kangar, Malaysia
Zzlatan (Kunjan Patel) from Peterborough, Canada
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