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Here's to everyone who said webb is blowing for united!
Rooney single handedly
Giggs doesnt look too bad!!
Welbeck has a think for diving and rolling to the ground when he shoots
Pretty disappointed but gotta say with missing carrick jones vidic and van persie we did quite well! I think we need at least one consistent player in midfield ...
Arashm is now friends with Conytaaa
Lucky we got rid of pogba otherwise we woulda ended up with 2 divers in the team...
From the 30th minute I knew Fellaini is gonna get sent off
I thought of that when he came in! I dont know why moyes still plays him
Im glad Arsenal does not have Van Persie and Fabregas this year. they could be a threat...
Defenders knew Henderson cant do anything when they left him to himself to go all the way to the box and pass it to the goalie! what a top player
Lets face it: valencia and rooney combination doesnt make a good defending pair! what a pass by van persie for the 3rd goal..
Imagine being the goalie and ronaldo and bale are behind the ball taking the freekick...
Maybe its because mexico's biggest rival is the US
I bet we woulda lost to norwich in premier league cuz moyes woula played young welbeck and outa form fellaini !
Evra and nani are on form right now doing fine crosses from both sides
Dissapointed by the ronaldo's penalty that was not given. things coulda looked different.
Goalie didnt even go for it. de gea has saved united's ass this season from being worse off on the table.
That first goal.......
Good game. poor Arsenal in the death group... De Gea Would have at least tried to stop that first goal.
Fellaini's rebound was a joke but he had bloody EVANS a stupid CB in front of him in the box. what does Evans have to do in the box?? he's not Kompany. as unluc...
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