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4 years ago
Haha do you realise how stupid you sound??
6 years ago
You have to be realistic man. Our tactic of long ball is necessary because it suits our standard of play. If we go up against Spain, Croatia or Italy and try to...
How are Chelsea doing this season in your opinion??:D
Man I love Henry!!
Guys I think its time to start giving City some respect. They are a really good side this season and could cause the likes of Chelsea and United afew upsets..
Bosanac passion or Bosanci passion??
Haha that dude in the crowd celebrating with the Ricky Gervais dance after the Spurs goal is hilarious!! :D
It wasnt Szezny's fault though...It was kochielnys!! there was absolutely no need in him pulling back from kicking that out...A good defended would have that ba...
7 years ago
Dude I wouldnt say a sore loser...I can accept why we lost and thats cause we lack a number of players to be a consistent team, just like many teams in Italy. I...
Lol thats def not true...Spanish,English and then a close tie between German and Italian now really..
Ah man f**k you Juve!!! In fact f**k Italian football!! Its gone to shite!!
Thanks Pvolpert, I noticed Douglie made reference to the video already so i dont know what he was watching cause its clearly on and even the commentators agree ...
You just noticed that did Quite the football brain on you lol
And your point is?? I never said you would lose did I? I said It would be a tough game, and that it was. Whats the point in gloating?
He may have been caught ball watching for the goal but overall he was pretty solid tonight, plus he is a very good player..Always nice to have a lb with his spe...
Congrats guys, Im delighted to see you win, I really think this year Arsenal have a bit more backbone to their game and that really showed tonight, when the gam...
Dont get me wrong it was a great game and Arsenal deserved the win but that def wasnt offside.look again..neither messi nor pedro were offside...just stating a ...
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