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Yeah sloppy defense on both sides I believe
3 years ago
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I don't think Messi 'eclipsed' Ronaldo, but I think Messi is more valuable. Messi has as much right to be cocky, but doesn't behave that way. Ronaldo, though he...
Really, I like liverpool, too. I was upset at first. But Torres wants to be part of a new club. I doubt it has much to do with the inconsistency of Liverpool, e...
Barcelona FC: a team of artists
Yeah, I didn't understand that
Liverpool! liverpool! liverpool!...torres! torres! torres!
Exactly what I was gonna say. England should be proud of whats happening. Great Job Tottenham.
The first 2/3 of the game is just ridiculous.. lol So glad at least one person could finish a good one
Haha, it is stupid, it refers to the 90 degrees the goal posts make.. so basically a shot in either of the upper corners. Is it just me or does anyone think it...
Come on Fulham, you are better than that!
I feel that tottenham gets played too much. They really are a tough team, I'd like to see them have luck for once. Keeper gave 2/3rds attempt on that free kick...
True true, they have an impressive defense, but I've seen better games.
Yeah, I was just gonna say. They've been rotating around alot. Like Dani Alves... almost had a good goal.
Haha you aint kidding!
Nice dedication to one of the best players out there.
Ronaldo is zo good. I really wished to see milan create more chances. Man, I can't stand Real, but they play so well together. Good job, nonetheless. Bastards. ...
Couldn't agree more.. I can't stand the team, but Ronaldo and his team are tremendous at times. I'd go as far as to say that they define the style of La Liga.
Yeah, I think theres a new energy after that win. Should be exciting to see what happens.
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