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I think It's pretty clear that iwobi has cemented a squad spot, I've been very impressed with his composure and control. He can play CAM, quick enough to play o...
1 week ago
For every 10 barca/madrid/costa dives there are, there is maybe 1 arsenal dive. Yes I am pulling numbers out of my ass but that's what we are all doing right? ...
2 weeks ago
Please Real Madrid, dont come here mocking one of our fans when you know full well you are part of a league that takes great pride in your "gamesmanship". I'm n...
We can have extra security to handle that crap, you can't deny my logic though. We would make a killing and they wouldn't be able to come out of their stadium d...
If we collected all of the profit from their ticket sales, I would say yes. That would greatly increase our revenue and decrease theirs while their stadium is b...
I would be ok if he left and we bought fabregas
3 weeks ago
I actually think this is going to be our only cm signing go forward, even for the summer. I think wenger will wan to start giving players like Zelalem and Crowl...
1 month ago
I feel like the British system is more strict when it comes to things like this. If you think about, he already has an eu work permit, so it should be pretty ea...
1. You clearly did not read what I wrote, or you did not understand it. 2. This has been happening for the past 5 seasons at least.
The problem is, as many have highlighted before (including myself), Wenger does not rotate. The only time we rotate is when we have 2 games in three days (like ...
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1 year ago
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