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Ehm.. rumors say that the player, talked in a bad way about Rossi's son, who btw is very sick. If that's true, everyone should apologize to Rossi and the player...
6 years ago
Nope it's not. I saw a photo yesterday that draws the line on the pitch, and clearly shows that Andriano's left foot covers Khedira. It may sound stupid that it...
I came here waiting to find only "rubbish" votes for my team. I must admit, it felt good that that wasn't the case :) haha
We were really bad.. can't make any excuses for it. On the other hand though, I can't have any complaints from my team. Playing with your heart, is not enough t...
Let me see if I can put this mildly: you are a complete retard! There is nowhere, such an interview of our coach. The most you can find is something like "anyon...
Definitely. Even more if they decide to give him an additional ban. That's why he looked so disappointed.. the game with Inter had anyway pretty much finished a...
APOEL fan here since 1 month old. I'm not sure Marseille would "cruise" to the semi-finals if they play with my team. Even for Benfica, I don't think it will be...
What are you talking about? We were definitely not bad, and we definitely deserved to go through! And what's with all the hate with us "getting destroyed" in th...
I may be completely blind, but that looks to me as 95% hitting the chest and not the arm.
I do not support any of these two teams but as far as i am concerned, the handball was not cheating. it would have been if ghana wasn't given the penalty and th...
7 years ago
Oh wow! so many ignorant comments that i had to create an account just for this match! greece lucky? are you stupid or simply bitter about the fact that greece ...
8 years ago
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