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Algerian10 (Zakaria Smail) from Montreal, Canada
Alucard41 (Gio Irving Chambliss) Philippines
AndresFC16 (Elite Stars*)
Anfieldhero (Chandru Angiya) from Chennai, India
I am a dad, and a husband. I live in the USA, but my mom is from España. I have suffered with the Spanish national team since Spain '82. World Cup disappointment after WC disappoi ...
Araz (Araz Zadeh) from London, England
Archie (Alex Christopher)
Ariyanti (Ariyanti_mr) from Palu, Indonesia
I love watching a football match since 2000 (when I was 14 years old). It may be stated too late. hihihiy :) Btw, I want to have extra money to buy a better coach and buy some play ...
ARod9 (Aidan Rodriguez) from San Antonio, USA
Asalter05 (Addison Salter) from Orlando, United States
At first site you may think I'm this short chunky kid who can't play but by the time that thought goes through your mind I've already put the ball in between your legs and scored ; ...
Astrovskis (Nerijus) from Vilnius, Lithuania
Aussie1991 (Will Gauci) from Melbourne, Australia
Just your average football nutcase.
Azeal (Rian) from Jakarta, Indonesia
AznB0b (Quan Mai) from Nashville, USA
Just a small asian person who love Manchester united for a long time now, not one of those bandwagon fans that they like them because of ronaldo and such. A true fan that never cha ...
Azoz10 (Azoz)
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